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How to use ‘Google My Business’ to attract customers

Trending: the best coronavirus response policies from hotels around the world

Prepare to reopen: how to develop a restaurant menu

How to make a great first impression on guests

How to pair beer with food - a beginner's guide

New course! Typsy chats with 'Pastry Fundamentals' instructor Kay-Lene Tan

Course spotlight: Espresso coffee fundamentals with Hugh Kelly

Hospitality after coronavirus: reopening requirements you need to know

Why you should think about AI for your restaurant

Ditch your blues: the best hobbies to pick up during quarantine

What qualifications do you need for hospitality?

6 of the best social media ideas for restaurants

Got milk? Breaking down the pros and cons of plant-based milks

Six reasons to embrace online hospitality learning

PRESS RELEASE - Typsy launches community content initiative

The new normal: maximizing your transition to takeout service

8 Ways to Stay Healthy When You’re at Home

Offering takeaway? Sustainability is still key - and simpler than you think

7 ways to reach new restaurant customers

Typsy chats with... Alejandro Francino

Restaurant Storytelling: 6 Tips to Drive Customer Engagement

Typsy chats with... Samantha Mellor

A short guide to getting your hospitality business through COVID-19

Typsy chats with... Anna Dolce

7 pro tips for writing a job-winning hospitality manager resume

Typsy chats with... Devin Loong

Cost of sales: the importance of costing individual menu items

Typsy chats with... Alicia Brown

Gastro-tourism: a hotelier's guide to a delectable travel trend

An A-Z of the best international pancakes you've never heard of

5 reasons why you should be making the most of music in your venue

Big Data – The Magical Words in the Hotel Industry 

5 ways to turn your restaurant into the perfect Valentine's Day venue

5 tips for a successful restaurant loyalty program

8 Things That Affect Hotel Room Value

New course: Sales techniques for F&B staff with Roger Beaudoin

10 hospitality podcasts to listen to in 2020

Food cost fundamentals

4 do’s and don'ts of great video training

5 top hotel trends in 2020

5 ways to retain and engage your employees

What is green lodging and why is it important?

New course: Housekeeping practices with Loki Basireddy

New course: Housekeeping principles with Hannah Crowley-McClelland

Training your staff during the 2019 Holiday Season

Restaurant forecasting tips for 2020

What does a hospitality leader look like in 2019-2020?

The perks of being a dog-friendly venue

How to write a hospitality cover letter

New course: Alcohol Awareness with Fred Siggins

Winter is coming: 5 winter menu ideas for your restaurant

3 reasons to offer multilingual training to your staff

5 restaurant amenities which will make your guests come back

New course: Rostering management with Lisa Spiden

Being a barista in Australia

The 7 best hospitality training ideas

Company culture: A place where people want to work

6 reasons to consider a career in hotels and restaurants

Hospitality on-demand training delivers significant value - A case study from Hyatt Hotels

What to include in your pre-shift briefings?

New Typsy Feature: Job Roles!

Upselling Tips For Your Front-Desk Staff

5 ways to use playlists to make your training more engaging

New course: Training fundamentals with Nicolas Simon

Impactful and meaningful leadership

How to build a winning hotel brand strategy

How to respond to negative hotel and restaurant reviews

The new Typsy app is now in BETA testing!

Why BOH is as important as FOH for hotels

7 hotel amenities which will attract and keep guests coming back

How to be a good server: Top 10 server etiquette tips

How to market your hotel on Instagram

TRevPar vs RevPar - What you need to know

On-demand learning delivers significant value for hospitality schools - A case study from Florida International University

5 ways to use offline marketing to drive online success

5 event branding moments hotels shouldn’t forget

6 ways technology can make your restaurant more efficient and profitable

New Course: Tea Mastery with Nathan Wakeford

How to attract young travelers to your hotel

Take control of your staff learning with custom content

How to be a barista - tips for beginners

Airbnb: The share economy. How hotels can compete

How to ensure digital savvy travelers convert on your hotel website

4 ways to make your hotel more memorable

Hospitality business costs breakdown: beyond the basics

New course: Draft beer systems with Lev Katsouba

Beer serving 101: how to sell beer like an expert

What and how to use upselling and cross-selling in your venue

Latest hotel trends and what to expect in the future

How to transform from a hotel manager into a great leader

A guide to restaurant manager responsibilities: what aspiring managers need to know

The top hospitality schools in the world 2019

Should your hotel go green?

Does your hospitality business need a CRM system?

New course: WHS - Personal Protective Equipment with Luke Croston

How to increase menu prices without losing sales

Marketing and operational tactics for hotel event managers

7 creative ways to engage hospitality employees

The golden rules of hotel bartending

How hotels can take advantage of food tourism

Increasing profit without increasing price

7 tips for setting up food delivery for your restaurant

New course: Vodka cocktails with Erik Lorincz

How corporate venues utilize Typsy - A case study from Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group

Effective time management skills every restaurant employee should have

New mentor session: Erik Lorincz, world-class bartender

How to climb the hospitality ladder

How to pair vodka with food

Understanding the basics of your business's financial health

New course: Profit and loss essentials with Nicolas Simon

How to make your hotel stand out from the crowd on Valentine's Day

Typsy teams up with The Career Academy to help students gain skills and employment, fast

Bringing the mocktail back to the menu

Allergen awareness in food service

How hospitality venues utilize Typsy - A case study from Brougham Arms

8 tips for hiring rockstar restaurant staff

How to prepare for a hospitality interview

New course: Food allergies with Shandee Chernow

How to get back into the training groove in the new year!

How to conduct restaurant employee reviews

What you need to know before opening a restaurant

10 tips for better team communication at your restaurant

Exciting restaurant trends to be served in 2019

Typsy receives Institute of Hospitality endorsement

Why your hospitality business should hire apprentices

How to write a restaurant job ad for Millennials and Gen Z

New course: Tea fundamentals with Nathan Wakeford

The “Showbiz” Approach to Hospitality

PRESS RELEASE - Hospitality EduTech Startup Typsy Sees Record Growth In Preparing for Next Capital Raise

6 ways to make more money this festive season

How to create the perfect staff schedule for your restaurant

17 top hospitality podcasts to keep you inspired heading into the new year

How to keep your guests merry not miserably intoxicated this festive season

Top venues with crafted tea menus

5 content marketing tactics for your cafe

New mentor session: Reif Othman, world-class chef

Creative ways to increase your hotel social media following

Mental health in hospitality - tips with Ruth Langley

Do restaurants need to invest in quality food photography?

Six of the most haunted restaurants in the world

The importance of staff meals for restaurant teams

How to respond to negative online reviews

New course: WHS - Slips, trips, and falls with Luke Croston

The top hospitality schools in the world 2018

Theatre of the mind - the art of suggesting and selling

Food purchasing - single versus multi-supplier strategies

New course: Manual handling with Luke Croston

How to recharge your batteries

Heading to Ireland with Typsy Part 2

How to get your media strategy ready for your restaurant launch

Heading to Ireland with Typsy Part 1

The pros and cons of influencer campaigns for your hospitality business

New course: Champagne essentials with Kyla Kirkpatrick

5 essential qualities you need to look for when hiring servers

The ins and outs of purchasing a POS system

5 weird and wacky ways to open a champagne bottle

The war on straws – why you should say no to plastic

What to say to your hospitality team in pre-shift meetings

How to engage your hospitality team in learning after induction

New course: Workplace bullying and harassment with Juliette Gust

How to transform your restaurant staff in to advocates

What is harassment and bullying in the hospitality industry?

6 tips to write killer job ads for restaurant servers

8 key elements for an effective restaurant website

Why your restaurant menu needs to be online (and how to maximize it)

What you need to know before opening a pub

The ultimate opening day checklist for restaurants

6 tips to write your resume when you don't have hospitality experience

How to network like a boss at the next hospitality event

New course: Espresso coffee drinks with Barista Champion Hugh Kelly

4 creative ways to recruit your hospitality staff

New course: Espresso coffee fundamentals with Hugh Kelly

5 ways online video marketing benefits your hospitality business

How to deliver the perfect pitch to investors

Why you should use online videos to train your hospitality staff

How to engage your team when on-boarding new hospitality staff

A better Typsy experience has arrived

7 tech-savvy ways to improve your restaurant sales

How to write a business plan for your hospitality venue (that works)

New course: Hosting with Kate Edwards

6 essential interview questions to ask your next hospitality manager

6 ways to drive repeat restaurant customers

What you need to know about hospitality leadership programs

5 fun ways to reward your hospitality staff

4 signs your hospitality staff are ready for a promotion

A quick guide to grow your restaurant on a tight budget

8 online tools to help manage your restaurant reputation

What to look for when finding a hospitality mentor

10 practical time-saving tips for hospitality managers

Talking provenance and produce with Straight To The Source

How to be an awesome host at your next restaurant event

How on-demand staffing platforms can improve the hospitality workforce

Why it's better to train your hospitality staff through online learning

New course: Mise en place with Alastair McLeod

How to design your beverage menu for profit

5 ways to maximize user-generated content to promote your restaurant

How ongoing training can improve staff retention

5 tips to handle long hours as a chef

New mentor session: John Lawson

How to be a Hospitality Training Manager

Talking with Onyx Coffee Spirits: Why cold brew is the secret to awesome coffee cocktails

How to run a successful online competition

10 tips to write your LinkedIn profile for hospitality (like a pro)

5 signs you're ready to open a second restaurant (or more)

Gin is back: Why it's on the rise and getting a revival

9 tips to find hospitality work overseas

How to reach new customers for your restaurant (and make it work)

New course: Gin cocktails with JJ Goodman

6 awesome apps hospitality managers need to know about

How to design your restaurant for profit (and maintain it) 

How hospitality businesses can effectively measure customer service 

10 practical tips to manage food costs at your hospitality business

7 tips to get meaningful reviews from your restaurant customers

How to grow your restaurant in the first 12 months and improve ROI

How corporate hospitality venues use Typsy - A case study from Solotel Group

8 inspirational TED talks for hospitality students

New course: Introduction to Guinness with Stephen Kilcullen

Local SEO basics for your restaurant or hospitality business 

7 ways to stay motivated as a hospitality worker

New mentor session: Cameron McKenzie

Talking career progression in hospitality on International Women’s Day

New course: Gin basics with JJ Goodman

5 ways to get work experience as a hospitality student

Talking booze and bartending with Chris Hysted-Adams of Black Pearl Bar

How to choose the right location for your hospitality business

How you should (and shouldn't) respond to employee harassment claims

Talking craft gin and cocktails with Matt Argus of Patient Wolf

Google My Business basics for your hospitality venue

6 ways to be a better restaurant manager your staff will admire

How to maintain healthy relationships when you work crazy hours

An introduction to German beers

Should you study hospitality at university? - tips from an Oxford Brookes University alumni

Talking passionate restaurateurs with Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable

New: Typsy launches ‘Buy one Give one’ to support hospitality social enterprises

What you need to know about mise en place

How to create a training program for your restaurant (that works)

New mentor session: Sebastian Priller

The longest list of hospitality schools in the world

A guide to essential kitchen equipment

7 tips to lower risk before opening your new restaurant

How to write a resume for your first hospitality job

In case you missed it: Effective communication with staff

5 tips to prevent burnout for hospitality workers

Merry Christmas from Typsy

In case you missed it: Vodka basics

New course: German beers with Sebastian Priller

New Typsy Product Feature: Social share

Perfect Christmas gifts for hospitality workers

How to conduct staff performance reviews

New mentor session: Joanne McKerchar

Gin 101 – The basics

5 signs you need more on-the-job training

The best places in the world for beer tourism

What to do on a new employee's first day

New mentor session: Rob Wilson

How breweries are making beer and tackling food waste

6 signs your staff training isn't working

The best beer websites and resources

New course: Food safety and hygiene with Alastair McLeod

Management skills that can help you in business (and in life)

What to look for in a restaurant business partner

Hospitality training statistics you need to know

New mentor session: Danielle Gjestland

5 grassroots projects helping women in hospitality

How to handle a food poisoning accusation

How to earn a Michelin star for your restaurant

23 inspiring hospitality experts to follow on Twitter

How do health inspections work?

How to set employee expectations in your restaurant

The 5 best ways to retain restaurant staff

New course: Kitchen leadership for executive chefs with Glenn Flood

New: Upload your own training content to Typsy!

Creating a marketing plan that works in 4 steps

A brief history of Oktoberfest

How to support employees with mental health issues

Getting gluten free right – the Delhicious story

The 3 most common misconceptions about restaurant managers

Negative chef stereotypes to avoid

3 hospitality training innovations we’re excited about

How to develop a restaurant menu

The Typsy inventory playlists – volume 1

How to become an Executive Chef

Why your employees aren’t listening to your training

New course: Sake for restaurants with Yoshihiro Sako

A guide to French wine regions

A detailed guide to food poisoning for restaurants

A quick guide to the most popular vodka brands

How to develop a restaurant concept plan

Vodka 101 – the basics

New course: Vodka basics with Monique Farah

New course: Sake basics with Yoshihiro Sako

Sake 101 – the basics

What millennials are looking for in the hospitality industry

How to get promoted as a restaurant manager

Welcome to the new Typsy website

What is the cost of opening a restaurant?

5 ways to cut restaurant food waste and increase profits

The 6 best restaurant-themed movies

New mentor session: Pauline Nguyen

Why you should conduct a restaurant feasibility study

The best whiskey websites and resources

How to succeed at work and still have a life

Service phrases your customers won’t hate

A guide to Californian wine regions

What's new on Typsy: A customer allergy course and ch-ch-changes

Why soft skills training is vital in the hospitality industry

A one stop food allergy guide for restaurants

New course: Handling dietary restrictions with Jason James

Making health a priority in hospitality – tips from Leandra Rouse

The ultimate guide to driving restaurant revenue

What’s new on Typsy: Learning service ethics and avoiding burnout

A guide to Spanish wine regions

New course: The ethics of service with Jason James

Use the voice of the customer: how to improve operations at your restaurant

How hospitality schools are implementing blended learning

How to become a restaurant manager your team will love

How to lower labor costs in your restaurant

3 traits managers look for in a great bartender

What’s new on Typsy: Table service 101 and an edgier look

How blended learning could change hospitality education

New course: Service at the tableside with Kate Edwards

A guide to Italian wine regions

How do you choose between the different wine certifications?

How to hire restaurant superstars: winning the war with talent

Yossi Ghinsberg on thriving in business – Typsy live talk

Restaurant server training: top 10 etiquette tips

Why is there a hospitality skills shortage?

Sally Irwin on running a social enterprise – Typsy Live talk

What’s new on Typsy: Wellness courses and hot marketing tips

The 5 best stretches to do before a hospitality shift

New course: Wellness for servers with Leandra Rouse

5 myths about online training

9 benefits of blended learning in hospitality

Nick Bowditch on authenticity – Typsy Live talk

How to start a wellness program in your hospitality venue

Fady Hachem on venue design – Typsy Live talk

What's new on Typsy: Mixology courses and a cure for wellness

Should you study bartending at school?

How to add online learning to your hospitality training course

New course: Bartending for beginners with Charlie Ainsbury

The river of culture: how great restaurants control the flow

Adam Ferrier on hospitality innovation – Typsy Live talk

Making bars safer spaces: initiatives against sexual violence

How to measure return on investment in hospitality training

What's new on Typsy: American whiskey courses and insights on service

New course: Dustin Haarstad teaches American whiskey

6 simple money saving tips for hospitality workers

How to get job ready after hospitality school

Whisky lovers unite at the Elysian Whisky Bar

How to improve employee engagement through online training

What's new on Typsy: Beer basics, learning resources and a Facebook Live

Learn about wine with sommelier Hillary Zio on Facebook Live

A quick and easy guide to cocktail garnishes

How online learning can improve induction training in hospitality

How social media is changing for restaurants

7 ways to help hospitality employees develop daily learning habits

How to be a bartender – tips for beginners

7 Valentine’s Day promotion ideas for cafes

What gives whiskey its flavor? Essential facts for beginners

A short history of craft beer in Australia

Keeping cooks in the kitchen at your restaurant

In hops we trust – behind the scenes at Hop Nation Brewing Co.

7 success stories from MasterChef around the world

Beer 101 – the basics

5 Australian initiatives supporting women in hospitality

How to do something different with your Australia Day event

A straightforward approach to build a better restaurant team

25 essential resources for hospitality students in 2017

Choosing the best tableware for your restaurant

Whiskey 101 – the basics

How to boost ticket sales for your NYE event

7 awesome hospitality marketing campaigns of 2016

The most admirable hospitality businesses of 2016

How to hold an amazing New Year's Eve party at your venue

Tips for hosting a Christmas function at your hospitality venue

The 10 best restaurant openings of 2016

Women behind bars – tips from Paige Aubort

5 awesome induction activities to get your new team excited

How to create a festive Christmas menu

Our 10 favorite cafe promotions of 2016

The things you might be forgetting... but customers aren’t

Body language – how to read it and how to use it

8 successful restaurants that began as food trucks

Express-o yourself – how latte art works

From bar back to cocktail master in just five years – tips from James Irvine

How to wow restaurants with your cover letter

How to make your venue vegan-friendly

Our favorite Halloween treats

But first, coffee – tips from Eden-Marie Abramowicz

Fun branded gifts that your cafe could hand out to customers

Tips for getting your business in the Halloween spirit

Investigating how water impacts coffee, with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

How to talk about wine like a pro

To tip or not to tip?

Talking events planning, with Georgie Kay

That's a wrap – #TypsyLive16

How to offer luxury service on an economy budget

Talking all things booze, with Dustin Haarstad

How to write a great food blog as a restaurant

Ask our Typsy Live panelists your toughest hospitality questions

5 venues that impressed us with their innovative redesigns

How to give business travelers an unforgettable experience

How Sally Irwin's cafe is stopping slavery in Australia

A look at Damian Griffiths, the man behind doughnut time

Unique ways to recycle coffee grounds

How to open your dream bar... and win awards, too – tips from Sven Almenning

Exciting new hospitality speakers added to Typsy Live line-up

Lessons learned from misadventure – Yossi Ghinsberg's story

6 tips for self care in hospitality

Talking social media for small business with Nick Bowditch

Food of the future – How molecular gastronomy revolutionized the dining experience

From seed to cup – tips from Pete Licata

How to make your hotel more environmentally friendly

Talking with Fady Hachem - interior design and branding innovator

Our top 5 Australian hospitality businesses doing innovative things

Last chance to buy early bird tickets for Typsy Live Sydney

Choosing hero spirits and managing multiple bars – tips from Andres Walters

5 tips to help you build your confidence as a leader

From raw cakes to monster shakes – food trends we’ve loved recently

Serving coffee with a conscience

How Counter Culture runs quality control – with Katie Carguilo

5 ways to improve your hospitality venue’s interior design

5 off-peak travel ideas for hospitality workers

Choosing the right music for your restaurant with Dozmia

4 tips for making sure your venue is accessible

Exclusive live talk – customer experience expert Amanda Stevens

Winning over your bar guests – tips from Charlie Ainsbury

Typsy Live Sydney – first speakers announced

7 tips for choosing the best café name

Exclusive live talk – Matt Mullins from Sand Hill Road

Making consistently great coffees – tips from Paul Asquith

4 smart ways to make sure your menu caters to everyone

Exclusive live talk – hospitality HR director Rowena Carter

How to deal with difficult customers

Exclusive live talk – Rob Cecconi from Tropica Island Resort

Making your restaurant a profitable business - tips from Vasken Jermakian

5 tips for being awesome at small talk

Exclusive live talk – Pauline Nguyen from Red Lantern

How your restaurant can benefit from the Pokémon Go insanity

Appreciating and empowering your staff – tips from Andrew Carlson

6 ways to improve your sleep as a hospitality worker

Exclusive live talk – Sam Mutimer from Thinktank Social

Back to barista basics - staff tips with Sarah Leslie

Exclusive live talk - Justin Dry from Vinomofo

How to impress your guests – hospitality tips with Esher Williams

Our top course picks for July

Communication tips for servers in sticky situations – Carmel Murphy

23 unique article ideas for your hotel blog

Why training is everything – staff tips with Patrick Yearout

9 cafes we're absolutely loving on Instagram

Bringing warmth into hospitality - staff tips with Nadia Pendleton

7 amazing hotel amenities from around the world

Ryan Casey talks getting serious about mixology

Why blended learning is important for hospitality students

Learn crucial food safety tips with Cheri Schweitzer

Check out how virtual reality is being used in these restaurants

Why you need emotional intelligence in hospitality with Curt Archambault

How to write a hospitality resume that will get you that job

On a coffee journey with barista champion Sam Lewontin

27 restaurant experts you should follow on Twitter

Bar banter with mixologist and consultant Peter Vitolo

Why we decided to change our name

The little things that make service great – staff tips with Kate Edwards

6 unique pop-up bars that will inspire you to start your own

Talking bartending and cocktail basics – staff tips with Tim Philips

These are 10 of the most awesome themed hotels around the world

Train your servers to be entertainers – staff tips with Roger Beaudoin

Here's why your hospitality business should have a blog

Coffee tips with Canada's number 1 barista – Ben Put

Using body language in hospitality – staff tips with Mark Bowden

8 fun ways to de-stress as a hospitality worker

Why storytelling matters in your restaurant - staff tips with Eli Feldman

7 cool ways restaurants are going sustainable

Service tips with Young Waiter of the Year Brooke Adey

Behind the scenes at a special Upside video shoot

7 non-snobby wine sites for servers who want to up their game

Successful leadership starts with planning – staff tips with Mike Ganino

Time management for hoteliers – how to cut out time wasters

Why you have to be a leader, not just a manager – staff tips with Anna Dolce

11 of the best menu designs from around the world

The ultimate editing checklist for hotels

How to develop a marketing plan for your restaurant

11 tools to help you manage your hotel's online reputation

How to increase productivity in your hospitality business like a superhero

How to build your hotel's company culture (and why it's important)

How to get a local food blogger to write about your restaurant

The 34 most useful hospitality websites to bookmark

How to respond to negative reviews

5 top tips for winning that restaurant job interview

Unique experiences to offer at your bed and breakfast

How to make people want to spend more at your restaurant

How to actually enjoy copywriting for your hotel

7 Christmas promotion ideas your cafe customers will love

How to use Google hotel ads – a quick guide

How to improve your skills as a server

8 expert hospitality lessons shared at Upside Live Melbourne

The mobile traveler – what hoteliers should know

The secret to making your restaurant more memorable

Why hotels should use online video and how to get started

Creative ways to reduce food waste in your restaurant

The secret to more direct bookings at your hotel

How to hire and keep quality restaurant staff

How to boost your cafe's profile with an Instagram event

A practical grammar guide for your hotel website

What millennials want from restaurant employers

5 things hoteliers should know before hiring an SEO company

How to use travel forums in your hotel marketing strategy

What young tourists want from your hotel

Crowdfunding for restaurants – how it works

The 4 main elements of hotel website design

How to do keyword research for your restaurant website

Essential email marketing tips for bed and breakfasts

5 highly engaging social media contests for restaurants

How small hotels can build a following on Twitter

5 theme night ideas to try at your restaurant

Instagram for hotels – 4 marketing ideas you can steal

Why Google Plus is a must for cafes and restaurants

How to find and work with travel bloggers

3 restaurant gimmicks that worked (and 3 that didn’t)

10 free online tools to make life easier for hoteliers

Why Pinterest is better than Facebook for hotel marketing

How the Urbanspoon changes will affect your restaurant

6 hotels doing blogging right

How tourism businesses can use hashtags to target guests

Restaurants – you can't ignore your Yelp listing anymore

6 ways TripAdvisor determines your rating

A Google Analytics crash course for hospitality businesses

8 ways hospitality businesses can improve customer service online