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PRESS RELEASE - Typsy opens platform to hospitality suppliers

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Jun 11, 2020 11:39:55 AM

Typsy is proud to announce the launch of a new service designed to support hospitality suppliers and businesses around the world.

Hosted Supplier Training will enable hospitality suppliers to upload their product training to the Typsy platform, providing their customers easy and on-demand access to supplier-specific content.


This process will bypass the need for in-person product training while also unlocking additional free courses and Typsy features, helping hospitality businesses and staff stay connected as coronavirus measures remain in place globally for the foreseeable future. 

For hospitality suppliers, who primarily provide B2B services, the restriction and closure of hospitality venues in the face of social distancing and self-isolation has had a far-reaching impact. As Joe Calipari of Capital Liquor & Bev told Farm Weekly, “We are only as busy as our customers are.”

The same article found suppliers losing up to 70% of business practically overnight as storefronts and B2C businesses slow down or close altogether, highlighting the need for solutions that help maintain relationships between suppliers and hospitality venues. 

In light of this, Typsy’s Hosted Supplier Training is designed to provide a COVID-suitable, online solution for hospitality industry suppliers, including suppliers of food and beverage, tech, equipment, and cleaning products. LEARN MORE

Through Typsy’s accessible and flexible platform, suppliers will be able to stay remote in adherence to social distancing while still providing unlimited training, product updates, progress tracking, micro-credentials, and customer support.

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is one such supplier using Typsy to enhance product knowledge and benefit their customers through online training. Peter Fairly, of the Birmingham Hotel (Cook Beaumont Group), described CUB’s Hosted Supplier Training as “very valuable”:

“In conjunction with the ongoing hands-on training from the [CUB] team, we were able to see a decrease in our wastage, an overall improvement in the quality of our draught beer offering, and more engagement from our frontline staff in all matters beer-related.”   

Hosted Supplier Training is the latest in Typsy’s bold solutions to support hospitality businesses, owners, and staff through COVID-19, as the industry weathers significant losses during this period. Earlier this year Typsy launched its COVID-19 Support Plan, which provided no-cost and unrestricted access to its premium content library.


Typsy works closely with governments and hospitality associations to deliver COVID-19 reopening and recovery strategies and support in line with leading recommendations.

Typsy CEO, Jonathan Plowright, says, “Suppliers are obviously a critical part of the value chain in the hospitality industry but what can often be overlooked is the critical role that suppliers play in supporting the operational training of hospitality businesses.

“A wine supplier, for example, will often help deliver not just specific wine training related to their products but more general wine knowledge to their customers and as many of their staff as they possibly can.

“We want to help suppliers leverage technology to do a more efficient job of this as they look for ways to help further support customers, not just now but into the future whereby capacity for efficient and effective delivery of online training is a business-critical issue for both suppliers and their customers.”


Typsy is the world’s fastest-growing online hospitality training platform. Led by industry experts, its courses are designed for multi-national hotel and restaurant chains, learning institutions, small businesses, and individuals to upskill for exceptional careers in hospitality.


Typsy also works with federal and state governments and hospitality associations to provide large-scale industry support. The current Typsy video library consists of over 800 lessons on a variety of topics, ranging from compliance to food and beverage to marketing.

Recently, its library has expanded to include Coronavirus-specific content, providing practical information for business owners and employees on how to continue to operate well under Coronavirus restrictions and concerns, including COVID-19 Responsibility & Service Tips and a Health & Wellbeing course for stress management.  


Typsy Hosted Supplier Training is available now. For more information on Hosted Supplier Training, please visit www.typsy.com/hosted-training. The COVID-19 Support Plan was available until Wednesday September 30 2020. For more information on the Support Plan, please visit www.typsy.com/covid-support-plan. For more information about the Typsy platform and services, please visit www.typsy.com.


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