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PRESS RELEASE - Typsy launches community content initiative

Typsy news! Read about Typsy's latest initiative to support the global hospitality community - Community Content.

APRIL 22 2020: Typsy, a global online learning platform for hospitality, today announced the launch of a new feature enabling the global hospitality community to upload self-created hospitality video lessons. Typsy Community Content invites all people with hospitality knowledge and skills to share short, informal video lessons to be posted on Typsy, with the aim of creating a peer-support hospitality network to which members can contribute and access from home.


The Community Content initiative comes as the industry continues to see significant losses as a result of coronavirus, with a large number of hospitality workers currently without work. This feature encourages anyone from the global hospitality industry to teach what they know and help the industry create a brighter future. The platform will also offer a prize for the best community content video lesson published each week, awarding the winner a US$200 gift voucher and publicity on Typsy’s social media channels.

This feature represents a new avenue for Typsy, which until now has filmed videos on location with hospitality professionals. Although the central platform will remain unchanged, enabling the community to submit their own video lessons will further expand the online education offering for subscribers. In doing so, Typsy aims to create a space where hospitality professionals around the world can share ideas, tips, and trends. 

This is the second initiative from Typsy in response to Coronavirus’ impact on the hospitality industry. Last week, Typsy announced free, unrestricted access to its premium content for all members, existing and new, until September 30th 2020.

Typsy CEO and founder, Jonathan Plowright said, “Our team recognize the enormous difficulties facing the hospitality industry across the world, and it is a time where businesses need to pivot and offer new initiatives that directly support as many people as possible through this extremely challenging time. Community Content will allow the talented hospitality community to provide much-needed support for each other right now and through the recovery phase in the coming months”.

Typsy is the world’s fastest-growing online hospitality training platform. Its courses are designed for multi-national hotel and restaurant chains, learning institutions, small businesses, and individuals to upskill for exceptional careers in hospitality. Typsy also works with federal and state governments and hospitality associations to provide large-scale industry support.

The current Typsy video library consists of over 800 lessons on a variety of topics, ranging from compliance to food and beverage to marketing. Recently, its library has expanded to include Coronavirus-specific content, providing practical information for business owners and employees on how to continue to operate well under Coronavirus restrictions and concerns, including COVID-19 Responsibility & Service Tips and a Health & Wellbeing course for stress management.   

Community Content submissions are now open. All roles including but not limited to chefs, bartenders, servers, bakers or housekeepers can share their skills by filming a lesson and submitting it to Typsy for the global industry to learn from. 


Typsy is the world’s fastest growing hospitality training and learning experience platform. Typsy’s video lessons, predominantly less than 5 minutes in length, help hotel and restaurant chains, hospitality learning institutions, food and beverage venues and passionate individuals skill up, serve the world better, and make every hospitality moment exceptional.

Typsy users can create custom content or access its video course library which consists of more than 800 lessons available in over 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and more in closed captions) delivered by world-class instructors on topics such as management, service, food and beverage, marketing and compliance courses, available on desktop and mobile.

Typsy is available worldwide and is present in more than 15 countries including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Japan, Czech Republic, Mexico, UAE, Canada, Germany, Bahamas, Malaysia, Netherlands and South Africa.

For more information, please visit https://info.typsy.com/typsy-community-content.


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