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How to write a hospitality resume that will get you that job

Posted by Tanya Timmers on Feb 22, 2021 12:07:00 PM

Hospitality is a dynamic industry. There is always a job opening somewhere, but can you make yourself stand out from other applicants and actually swoop up that dream job?

Writing a hospitality resume that is strong and professional will increase your chances of getting the job. Here are some hospitality tips on how you can perfect your hospitality resume format and content. 

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How to be a barista - tips for beginners

Posted by Ana Cvetkovic on Feb 17, 2021 5:41:00 PM

Being a barista is an incredibly rewarding job, but is also very challenging - and can be a highly coveted role in a café. Because it can be a competitive field, and there's quite a steep learning curve for beginners, it can seem a little intimidating when you're just starting out. 

But never fear! Typsy's here to help you rise to the challenge with our guide to everything you need to know about becoming a barista.

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The golden rules of hotel bartending

Posted by Chloe Papas on Feb 17, 2021 2:00:00 PM

Do you want to become a hotel bartender? Are you already working behind a bar in a restaurant? Or maybe you’re just starting your journey in hospitality and are weighing up your next move! Either way, we get it!

It’s likely that you’ve seen movies where the hotel bartender seems like they are having a ball - hanging out behind a luxurious bar and chatting to travelers all day. But Being a hotel bartender is a little more complex than it looks in the movies.

So, how is it different from a standard bar job? And what do you need to brush up on before you start sending your resume out and shake things up? We’ve put together some great hospitality tips to get you started. 

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10 tips to write your LinkedIn profile for hospitality (like a pro)

Posted by Tom Jager on Feb 16, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Hospitality has always been a popular choice among job seekers because it offers a wide range of positions and promises a dynamic lifestyle. 

Although many opportunities are available in hospitality, you can’t expect to earn a position without a fair share of effort. This includes using LinkedIn as one of the main tools to grab the attention of recruiters.

In this blog post, we share with you 10 tips on how to set up your LinkedIn profile and land your dream hospitality job. 

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Favorites from 2020: the top 10 Typsy courses you loved this year

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Dec 31, 2020 3:24:00 PM

Through all the craziness of 2020, Typsy's brought you a huge variety of courses to sink your teeth into - everything from rum cocktails to infection control to diversity, equity, and inclusion

There's so much to learn it's hard to know where to start! So to get your learning journey off on the right foot in 2021, here are Typsy's 10 most popular courses from the past year.

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