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How to choose New Year's resolutions for 2021 - and stick to them!

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Dec 29, 2020 11:43:17 AM

New Year's resolutions are always a bit of a minefield. We make them because we want something in our lives to get better - but picking resolutions always seems much easier than actually sticking to them.  

The truth is: following through on resolutions actually has a lot to do with the resolutions you pick! When you take a second to be thoughtful about your resolutions - professional or personal - you set yourself up for a year's worth of success. Typsy's here to tell you how. 

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Favorites from 2020: the top 10 Typsy articles you loved this year

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Dec 22, 2020 4:50:41 PM

2020 has been a heck of a wild ride. Weird and challenging... but also inspiring. Hospitality has battled hard to make it through, but you guys are still with us - upskilling, learning, ready to face new challenges every day. 

So let's look back at the information you most wanted to know from Typsy Blog this year. Here are our top 10 most popular articles from 2020.

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How to keep your guests merry not miserably intoxicated this festive season

Posted by Mike Walmsley on Dec 16, 2020 4:40:58 AM

In 2020, for obvious reasons, the festive season is playing out a little differently than usual. But social distancing or not, there is one mainstay of the holidays that even a pandemic can't stop - guests getting a little carried away with boozy celebrations. 

Understanding what to do if things start to get out of hand can not only prevent accidents from happening within your business, but also ensure the safety of your guests and staff for the entirety of the night.

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6 Christmas promotion ideas your customers will love

Posted by Tanya Timmers on Dec 10, 2020 8:42:31 AM

2020 has been a heck of a year. Luckily, the December holiday season is a time for good cheer, joy, and festivity - no matter how you're celebrating.

Help your guests see out the year in style with these fun promotions for your venue.

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Typsy chats with... Josh Kopel, host of 'Full Comp' podcast

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Dec 3, 2020 4:50:52 PM

We hear the words 'thought leadership' thrown around a lot - especially at the moment, with the hospitality industry in such a state of flux. But if there was ever a 'real deal' in thought leadership, Josh Kopel is it. 

An LA-based restaurateur-turned-entrepreneur, Josh uses his podcast and blog, Full Comp, to openly discuss the very real, but under-examined, challenges that hospitality professionals face every day.

With his trademark 'shoot from the hip' style, Josh joins us here to talk hospitality trends that need to die, the notoriously high hospitality failure rate, and his big hope for the post-pandemic future. 

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