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The longest list of hospitality schools in the world

Posted by Felicity Thomlinson on Jan 19, 2018 9:33:00 AM

We would love your help! Starting today, we are aiming to create the longest list of hospitality schools in the world. Can you help us do it?

Why are we building the longest list of hospitality schools in the world?

We want to provide a handy resource to students who are thinking of studying hospitality in another country. We know that many people studying hospitality are interested in travel and would be keen to attend a hospitality school overseas.

Also, no-one else has done it and we love to be groundbreaking at Typsy!

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23 inspiring hospitality experts to follow on Twitter

Posted by Glennise Pinili on Oct 10, 2017 8:50:00 AM

Social media moves quickly, and Twitter is no exception. To date it’s estimated that there are over 300 million monthly Twitter users in the world. Although tweets are only 140 characters long, it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of hashtags and updates happening every millisecond (literally).  

One of the thousands of topics people are tweeting about is the hospitality industry. Top chefs, food and restaurant publications, food journalists, hospitality consultants and food enthusiasts all have their Twitter say.

But who in the hospitality Twitter world should you follow? Last year, we put together a list of our favorite experts to follow, and now we’re doing it again! Here are our latest picks. Browse them by category and see if you like any.

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The 6 best restaurant-themed movies

Posted by Chloe Papas on Jun 7, 2017 9:05:00 AM

If you own a television and are a fan of food, you’ll probably be familiar with one or two of the hundreds of cooking shows out there. Whether it’s MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules, or endless episodes of reality shows on channels dedicated solely to food, there’s no shortage of delicious entertainment out there.

But in the flurry of new shows and reruns, it’s easy to forget how many fantastic restaurant-themed movies there are too, which is why we’re here to jog your memory (and add new ideas to your Netflix queue!).

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7 success stories from MasterChef around the world

Posted by Ilona Wallace on Jan 25, 2017 9:05:00 AM

Since its original series launch in 1990, and reboot in 2005, MasterChef has taken the world by storm. More than 50 countries have adapted the show, and it has become Australia’s most-watched television series. It’s hugely successful all around the globe.

So what happens to the contestants once the cameras stop rolling? What lies ahead for those finalists who didn’t finish in first place?

Let’s take a look at some of the contestants who didn’t get the crown, but have gone on to have extraordinary and varied careers after MasterChef. There’s more to culinary success than working in a kitchen…

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25 essential resources for hospitality students in 2017

Posted by Emily Tatti on Jan 5, 2017 8:20:00 AM

For many of you, the school year is still a month away, but you’re probably already thinking about what you need to do to get ready. You’ll have to buy textbooks and change your work schedule and potentially even find a new place to live. It's a big list!

So to take some of the stress off your plate, we’ve compiled this list of resources that we hope you'll come back to again and again throughout the year. 

It includes tools you can use to record lectures, apps you can use to make studying easier, and websites you can lean on to improve your hospitality knowledge. Use it to get your year off to an awesome start!

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