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7 money-saving tips to stick to your 2022 budget

Posted by Cora Gold on Feb 21, 2022 1:33:00 PM

Running a hotel or any hospitality business in 2022 is no easy task, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy. You have to analyze your hotel’s business model from every angle and find new ways to cut costs.

Here are seven money-saving tips that will help you stick to your 2022 budget in this blog post by guest blogger Cora Gold.

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Keeping your customer in the front of your mind in 2022

Posted by Adrian Johansen on Feb 14, 2022 1:30:00 PM

No matter your position in the hospitality industry, your focus should always be on your customers and guests. Making people comfortable and offering them an enjoyable experience is the standard expectation of the industry. 

But, there’s no question that the world is changing. 

We’ve been through nearly two years of a global pandemic, which has created a shift in the way people work, travel, and live. On top of that, there’s growing concern over the sustainability of the planet. Throw in social issues and unrest in certain cities, and it becomes pretty clear as to why shifting your strategies might be important in the coming year. 

The good news? Things like an increase in remote work and “revenge travelers” may cause you to see an influx of customers and guests this year. But, it’s important to be prepared to meet their needs and have a clear understanding of our world’s current landscape. So, what can you do to make necessary changes and keep the customer in the front of your mind?

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How to make the most of a hotel restaurant

Posted by Cora Gold on Jan 31, 2022 1:18:00 PM

When they book a hotel reservation, people look forward to numerous amenities, but many prioritize the property’s in-house dining experience. An on-site restaurant makes things easy when guests are away from home and may even become a favorite venue for locals. 

People traveling for work or on a holiday have different preferences -, couples on holidays may prefer to dine in a more romantic or intimate setting whereas those traveling for work may require a more business-like atmosphere, or even sometimes opt for food-to-go. 

Find out how to cater to all your guest’s needs in this blog post by guest blogger Cora Gold.

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How to adapt your hospitality business to the challenges of COVID

Posted by Emily Marr on Jan 26, 2022 3:45:00 PM

The coronavirus outbreak has been tough on the hospitality industry, from Alpha to Beta and Gamma to Delta… now there’s Omicron. Sure, it sounds more like something from a Transformers movie but Omicron is here and hospitality is once again feeling the pinch from the ongoing shutdowns, re-introduction to restrictions, and guests opting to stay at home in general.

It’s easy to break back into feeling down that COVID is reinventing itself and challenging us in different ways, but we’re here to help you and your team get back to doing what they do best, creating memorable experiences for all of your guests (while keeping safe of course!).

In this article, we’ll explain some trends we’ve seen popping up in hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes around the globe that are helping to engage guests, keep doors open (when possible), offer a sense of hope, and keep a smile on everyone’s face.

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How to drive traffic to your hospitality website

Posted by Adrian Johansen on Jan 3, 2022 12:45:00 PM

In today’s digital world, directing people to your hospitality website is like pushing party-goers to one club over another. The only way to get them there is by standing out from the competition and appealing to who they are. 

You must do the same thing to drive traffic to your hospitality website, stand out from the millions of other hospitality websites on the internet today and understand your target audience enough to interest them. 

There are so many ways to improve your website traffic that it can be overwhelming, confusing, and frightening to the point you don’t even proceed with the work. Luckily, guest blogger Adrian Johansen's got you covered with these six simple ways you can increase your website traffic to your hospitality business.

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