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Hotels and first responders: tips to host and help

Posted by Beau Peters on Nov 4, 2020 11:24:12 AM

First responders have rushed to help their communities over the last few months to help ensure everyone’s safety in this challenging period. Those of us in hospitality might be left questioning what we can do to help - but there are ways we can all pitch in to support first responders, and our communities. 

In today’s blog post, guest blogger Beau Peters returns with some best-practice tips and strategies for hotels to help support first responders and uphold a safe and secure environment for everyone.

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10 most popular hotel management apps for small hotels

Posted by James Dorian on Oct 27, 2020 3:54:38 PM

In the past, large hotels had a much easier time using management and data collection tools than smaller hotels. But this type of software is incredibly helpful for venues with a smaller staff. Luckily, as technology advances, there are more and more options for small hotels who don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to put massive software systems into place.

In today’s blog post, guest blogger James Dorian gives us his top 10 list of hotel management apps to help your small venue get big results. 

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How to choose the right coffee beans for your cafe

Posted by Kate MacDonnell on Oct 20, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Choosing coffee beans is about more than just picking something that tastes good. In fact, there’s a lot more to coffee beans than you might think. Making an informed choice, and being able to talk about those choices with your customers, is how you take your coffee to the next level and provide an awesome guest experience every day. 

To talk us through it, guest contributor Kate MacDonnell writes about the different factors that influence coffee bean taste, price, and sourcing, so you can make the best decision for your venue.

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How to become a hospitality manager

Posted by Kacey Bradley on Oct 13, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Hospitality is a great industry for a flexible lifestyle, but it can also be a place to develop an amazing, fulfilling career. All jobs have their ups and downs, but hospitality management is one of those jobs where you have a chance to make a difference to someone’s life in a real, meaningful way.

So if you’re working in hospitality and wondering how you can take the next step for your career, we’re here to guide you through your options. Guest contributor Kacey Bradley joins Typsy Blog with these awesome tips for kicking your hospitality career into high gear.

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7 creative ways to engage hospitality employees

Posted by Ana Cvetkovic on Oct 6, 2020 9:48:36 AM

When venues work with a team of engaged employees, they create a sustainable and productive business. Creating a great workplace through employee engagement secures business owners less turnover, higher quality of work, more productivity, and more sales.

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