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How to make guests with food sensitivities feel welcome

Posted by Jessica Romero on Sep 2, 2020 2:47:15 PM

2020 has thrown a myriad of challenges at the restaurant industry. Now more than ever, making guests feel at home is important. But this time we’re not talking about having the proper sanitizing practices in place or observing COVID-19 enforced social distancing. Instead, we’re addressing the reality of catering for a growing group of customers who have food sensitivities.

In today's blog post, guest contributor Jessica Romero is looking at best-practice strategies for ensuring you can not only cater to guests with food sensitivities, but even actively draw them in.

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Interesting ways you can use data to improve the guest experience

Posted by Beau Peters on Aug 6, 2020 4:01:27 PM

The hospitality industry has always been laser-focused on improving customer experience. In this day and age, with the rise of hospitality-centric technology, one of the most impressive and efficient ways to do that is by collecting and analyzing customer data. 

If that sounds like an intimidating idea, fear not! Guest blogger Beau Peters is talking through the ins and outs of how you can easily, safely, and usefully apply data to improving your venue's guest experience.

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How to identify and optimize ancillary revenue for your hotel

Posted by Adam Knight on Jul 23, 2020 4:38:43 PM

When managing your hotel's revenue stream, it's important to identify and optimize ancillary sources to help you improve your profit margins and, ultimately, provide better service and amenities for your guests. This has always been true of the hotel industry, but given the impact of COVID-19, being able to identify those ancillary revenue streams is vital.

In today's post, guest blogger Adam Knight is looking at how you can find ancillary revenue opportunities that work best for your business.

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Hybrid events: How to make conferences safe for 2020 and beyond

Posted by Jordan Schwartz on Jul 8, 2020 3:55:50 PM

Navigating the post-COVID hospitality environment requires adaptability, flexibility, and innovation. This is especially true for elements of the industry that we’ve long considered to be specifically in-person, such as conferences. So how do we reconcile the draw of these large in-person events with the demands of the new world?

The solution: hybrid events that allow you to combine the best aspects of in-person conferences with the additional safety and security we now require. So if you’re ready to take the next step toward recovery and the ‘new normal’, read on.

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Prepare to reopen: how to develop a restaurant menu

Posted by Doug Radkey on May 22, 2020 5:16:17 PM

There's no denying the impact of coronavirus on the industry - and for many venues, preparing to reopen and get your business back on track might necessitate a few changes. That includes your menu: whether you're an established venue or feel a little more fluid, you must have a strategy in place to make sure your menu says and does everything you need it to.

This blog post, by Doug Radkey, covers off the 'how' and 'why' of optimizing your menu for the post-pandemic customer. 

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