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New year, new you: why you should be thinking about remodeling your venue

Posted by Adrian Johansen on Nov 24, 2020 4:47:24 PM

This year has been all about figuring out how to adapt, and learning to expect the unexpected. This has really brought to light the ways we need to start thinking seriously about making our venues future-proof - not just attracting customers in a way that works now, but in ways that will continue to work no matter what comes next. 

Enter remodeling. To be clear, we’re not talking about blowing your budget. There are a lot of ways you can revamp your aesthetic, operations and workflow to provide a better, more efficient service. Adrian Johansen is here to explain how.

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How to support mental health in employees and colleagues

Posted by Ivana Rnjak on Nov 19, 2020 4:38:30 PM

This year has been a tricky year (and, okay, this is admittedly the understatement of the century). Across the world, hospitality workers in particular have faced an unusual level of uncertainty and stress, even for an industry which can be uncertain and stressful at the best of times. 

So in today's blog post, we're looking at the unique challenges hospitality staff might be facing with their mental health, and what we can do to support one another through rough patches.

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7 creative ways to engage hospitality employees

Posted by Ana Cvetkovic on Oct 6, 2020 9:48:36 AM

When venues work with a team of engaged employees, they create a sustainable and productive business. Creating a great workplace through employee engagement secures business owners less turnover, higher quality of work, more productivity, and more sales.

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What's the difference between up-skilling, multi-skilling, and cross-skilling?

Posted by Mackensie Freedman on Oct 1, 2020 12:00:00 PM

What is the difference between up-skilling, multi-skilling, and cross-skilling? They all describe ways of expanding your skill set, but each has a distinct and specific purpose that can help you get ahead in different ways.

In today’s blog post, we’re looking at what these mean, how you can use them, and some top tips for developing professional skills.

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The art of rebranding: how and why to update your hospitality brand

Posted by Adrian Johansen on Sep 22, 2020 4:08:55 PM

There are a lot of good reasons to rebrand your hospitality business, but the idea of it can be intimidating - especially if you have an established customer base. If you're thinking about rebranding, it's probably for a good reason, and rebranding can be incredibly beneficial if you have a clear strategy in place. 

To help you get there, Adrian Johansen is talking through the main things to consider when you overhaul your business' branding.

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