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Housekeeping practices with Loki Basireddy

In this Typsy course, Loki Basireddy will take you through all of the best housekeeping practices you need to know to become a master housekeeper.

From learning all about the best practice process for entering a guest room to understanding how important it is to clean and tidy your guests room, being a housekeeper requires an eye for detail and a love for perfection. Housekeeping is also being meticulous to help providing your guests with the best experience. 


Loki Basireddy started in the hospitality industry in 2013. From a night public Area/Houseman, to being a housekeeping area manager for LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services, Loki is passionate about delivering high levels of consistent and quality cleaning for guests to have a fantastic experience. 

In this course, Loki will take you through all the housekeeping practices you need to apply to keep your venue perfectly clean. 

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Watch the course:
Housekeeping Practices 

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Skill up and become a master housekeeper with Typsy's hotel courses.

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