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How online learning can improve induction training in hospitality

Posted by Chloe Papas on Feb 13, 2017 9:01:20 AM

Training new staff in hospitality venues traditionally takes on a few different forms. For some venues, throwing new staff – particularly those in service – in the deep end is favored, and their training occurs on the job.

For many, induction training days are on the agenda, particularly where the staff members will be in management, marketing or upskilling their previous experience. Training can be a difficult process to manage, with different variables, roles and learning abilities to consider.

So how can online learning streamline your training processes and assist your staff? Listen up.


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Efficiency is key

Training new staff takes time; from the preparation of the course or activities, to the hours taken off on a day or a series of days to conduct the training, to the on the job activities and follow ups.

New Call-to-action Online training cuts out a whole bunch of those time-consuming elements – there’s very little preparation involved, managers don’t need to be on-site, and staff members can choose when they complete their online courses. It’s a particularly efficient option for companies that have a high rotation of staff, and can’t afford to keep taking the time to train new employees.

Employees can seek clarity

Often, brand new staff members can be a little shy when it comes to piping up during induction sessions or when they first begin their jobs. We all know that there’s no such thing as a bad question, but that doesn’t always translate in a group environment.

Clear online courses can provide your new staff members with a clarity that they may not immediately get in person. They can take the course at their own pace, go back and review content, and take notes or focus on certain areas they aren’t confident in.

Learning costs are reduced 

Investing in online learning courses for your staff not only brings uniformity to the training process, it also promotes savings along the way. Many hospitality venues hold induction and training courses over a day or two. Often a boardroom will need to be booked out, meals provided, and there could even be travel costs or accommodation costs if you are hiring managerial staff. It’s likely you’ll also need a staff member or two on deck, and perhaps an external trainer. Forget about all of those extra costs when it comes to online learning – the only thing your staff members need is a device and access to the Internet.


Kate Edwards video courses


Staff have ongoing support

Has one of your service staff expressed an interest in learning more about the wines they are serving, or how to make cocktails? Upskilling is easy when online training is involved. You won’t have to schedule in precious time to train your employee, and they will feel encouraged to try new things and potentially move into different areas of your venue when needed. Online courses also provide ongoing support to your staff; if there is an area that they aren’t confident in or need to refresh, they can go back through past material to brush up.

Your venue has uniform training across the board

Implementing online learning for your restaurant employee training is an excellent way to ensure that all your employees are on the same page. Traditional training is often taken by a different manager or supervisor each time, all of whom have different styles and capabilities. Using online training courses promotes a uniformity amongst your employees, and ensures that everyone is learning the same skills the same way. It’s also an excellent option for franchise venues or business owners who own several hospitality venues, and a great way to quickly educate staff members on a new product or service. 

At Typsy, we provide online hospitality courses for individuals, businesses, and everyone in between. We have everything required to support your regular restaurant staff training program, add value to your venue, and provide extra skills and knowledge to your staff members.

As a business owner or manager, you can add your employees to Typsy as ‘students,’ and then assign training videos to each individual. You can even track their progress from the dashboard to measure effectiveness and discover which videos your employees are responding to. Our platform is incredibly user-friendly, and we work with some of the biggest (and smallest!) hospitality companies in the world. We’ve come up with strategies to improve your induction process, and to make things a little bit easier for you and your staff.

So, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help to improve training in your hospitality venue.  


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