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5 awesome induction activities to get your new team excited

Posted by Chloe Papas on Nov 29, 2016 11:23:21 AM

Everyone has been to an awkward induction day at some point in their careers: the icebreaker exercises are tired and overdone, the facilitator has already conducted ten other inductions that week, and most of the day is filled with paperwork.

So when you’re running an induction day for your hospitality venue, how do you make sure your team doesn’t leave dreading their first day at work? The key is to make sure the day isn’t all about business and policies; it’s also about team building, engagement and having fun.

Here are five of the best activities and games you can play during the induction process to get your team excited to kick off this new stage of their careers.  

1. Team building bingo

Everyone loves a good game of bingo: it’s simple, fun, and promotes healthy competition.

Rather than calling out numbers or words plucked from a hat, team building bingo encourages your incoming team to engage with each other and get up out of their seats, and it gives you the chance to see who communicates easily and is able to think on their feet. 

How it works

Set up bingo cards with facts in each box. For example: ‘Has been to Bali,’ ‘Has three or more siblings,’ or ‘Has worked a bar job.’ Keep them relatively broad, just in case!

New Call-to-actionThen, split your team into pairs or get them to play individually. Each pair or person has to speak with their fellow team members to cross off the facts and write down names in each box; and the first person to have a name in each box wins!

A great way to incentivize the game is to offer a prize to the winner; perhaps a free meal, a bar card, or a box of chocolates.

2. Photo booth

Selfies are the new social currency, and photo booths are an embraced relic of a time when it wasn’t as easy as fishing our phones out of our pockets to take a photo.

This activity will encourage your team to have fun and get a little silly and creative.

How it works

Set up a photo table somewhere in your induction space. It might just be a wall with colorful material tacked to it, and a Polaroid camera. Pick up a few silly hats or costume accessories for the team to play with – maybe even some over-the-top waiter outfits or something relevant to your venue.

As another option, you could invest in a few cheap disposable cameras and give them to each group, and set them up in a corner of the room. Encourage team members to take snaps of themselves and each other, and get as silly as they like. Develop the photos and find a wall somewhere in your venue to proudly put them on display.

3. Mystery box

Rather than getting your team members to ask each other the same old questions, this activity is a great way to get everyone involved, learn more about your incoming employees, and promote fun storytelling.

How it works

Before the induction, write 10-20 questions on pieces of card and place them in a box. Make sure the questions are interesting, for example: ‘What is the worst movie you have ever seen,’ or ‘Who is your favorite celebrity chef and why?’

Then, take mini-breaks throughout the day and have a team member pick a question, which they can answer in a small group and have a chat if it flows nicely.

4Get arty

Induction activities often involve a lot of talking or writing, and hospitality floor staff may not often have the opportunity to get creative.

For this one, your team members will need to bring out their artistic sides and pull out those colored pencils; and perhaps get a little creative if drawing is not their forte.

How it works 

Hand out paper and colored pens or pencils to your incoming employees. Set a timer and give them three questions to answer in illustrated form. They might be questions like: ‘When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?’ or ‘What is your go-to meal after a night at the pub?’

Once time is up, go around the room and have groups guess each other’s answers; this activity is a great conversation starter! 

5. Two Truths

We have all been to an induction where the only icebreaker activity is to fill in the group on an embarrassing or little-known fact about yourself.

This activity spins that concept on its head and allows for more engagement amongst employees, and less chance of them feeling uncomfortable. It’s also a great way to encourage communication, and gauge how your team will work with customers.

How it works 

Break your employees into small groups, and give each person three post-its or small pieces of paper. Instruct each person to write down two facts and one untrue statement about themselves, and then read them out to their group.

The team then has to try to identify which facts are true and which is an outlandish fib. It's a great way to have a laugh and for your team to learn new things about their colleagues.  



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