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Why your hospitality business should hire apprentices

Posted by Michelle Lambert on Dec 19, 2018 1:30:00 PM
Michelle Lambert

Making your guests feel at home, happy and relaxed is what hospitality business is all about. It should be noted that people can always forget what you said or did but will never forget how you made them feel. Therefore, hospitality businesses should not only meet customer expectations but exceed them. This will ensure that guests continue to open their wallets but also spread the word and bring in new customers.

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With the hospitality industry having such high-turnover rates it can often be hard to provide consistent customer service and experiences. For this reason, we’ve looked into the next generation of up-and-coming individuals who are eager for work and provide your business with growth: apprentices.

Apprentices are often individuals who have studied at a hospitality school and are keen to grow into their passions. They know the essentials and are ready for the next stage of their learning journey – the experience. Many businesses around the world are always offering apprentices positions within their business, whether it be in the kitchen, in the marketing team or in the front of house.

But, does hiring an apprentice really help with the growth of your business? In case you are not convinced we’ve had a look into what this new generation of apprentices are offering businesses:

1. Close the skills gap

We know that the hospitality industry is suffering from a skills gap but hiring an apprentice who already knows the essentials of their preferred skills area is one way to get around this. If you find yourself with a skills gap, look at where the focus lies and then hire an apprentice to fill it. Not only can you be assured they will understand your needs straight away but they will be willing to learn and expand their knowledge while with your business.


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2. Increase staff retention and commitment

When you hire an apprentice, they will be keen to get to work and bring their knowledge into their new role. They can help your business with new approaches to deal with business operations and provide motivate current staff members – their enthusiasm will quickly rub off on others.

As an apprentice will be working for your business for a few months, or even a year, they will also create a lasting relationship with your business. They will quickly become a loyal team member who strives to make your business stand out from the crowd and will also provide high level of stability as their apprenticeship is long-lasting.

3. Improve productivity

The hiring of an apprentice means there are more people on deck to work for the development of your business and ensure everything runs smoothly. The more staff members you have available the quicker tasks can get done and the quicker service can be completed. This is especially helpful if you own a business which has a high seat-turnaround. The more hands you have available the more you can be assured that guests won't be left unattended before, during or after their meal.

4. New ideas from fresh thinking

The presence of an apprentice can add a fresh eye to your business permitting the individual to see issues or problems that your team might not notice. They can provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about problems or issues within your business and receive new and fresh responses. The apprentice will be willing to use their already obtained knowledge to help your business grow.

Hiring an apprentice for your business can be a daunting task. What if they don’t fit in with your team or what if their education was lacking in a key area. But, taking the risk can reap a huge amount of benefits, especially when you already know that the person you are hiring knows and understand essential concepts and has the initiative and drive to lead your business to bigger heights.

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Michelle Lambert is a passionate article writer from Edu Birdie. She loves travelling which has allowed her to work with a range of hospitality businesses across of the world. Michelle has also worked for various newspaper and magazine agencies.


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