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Take control of your staff learning with custom content

Posted by Emily Marr on Jun 21, 2019 5:10:38 PM
Emily Marr

In the hospitality industry, employee turnover carves a pretty big dent on venue operating costs. In fact, Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research has found that turnover costs the hospitality industry $5,864 per lost employee. That’s why Typsy set out to help hospitality businesses provide their staff with the necessary skills to ensure they stay for longer.

Typsy learning platform - add your own courses at typsy.com

Typsy’s Custom Content feature provides hospitality businesses with a way to upload training videos specific to their venue, keep staff engaged and ensure they are ready for their next shift. This is perfect for adding your own standard operating procedures or brand standards, to then blend with Typsy learning content from industry experts.

Custom Content

Custom content is built for businesses of all sizes and provides you with a way to train your staff consistently with skills specific to your venue.

As a hospitality business you have the option to film your in-house training on your mobile phone and upload instantly to the Typsy platform. Custom Content videos are then made available to organization members and can be assigned as part of their normal Typsy training. If filming on your mobile isn’t the quality you are after, you can also opt for the Typsy Content team to work with you and film using a production company who will take care of the filming, editing and graphics.

We know that every business runs differently and have their own tips and tricks which is why when you upload your own content, it’s only available to you and your business – no other organization on Typsy can access it. It’s safe, secure and only available to your members.

Go2HR has found that 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year, which suggests that hospitality training and products like Custom Content are critical to improving workplace engagement and retention rates. 


How Custom Content helps hospitality venues

Brougham Arms Hotel and The RuC are already reaping the benefits of Custom Content by uploading videos that provide all their staff with a consistent message about venue-specific operations.

“Time is of the essence. Being able to record the content, deliver the content and make sure we provide a consistent, constant message to all our staff has been ultra-important to us. It’s about investing in the team.”

Kylie Macumber. Operations Manager at Brougham Arms Hotel

 We have shot our own short training videos on mobile phone and then uploaded them for the staff to see. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve had to show people how to pour the perfect beer – now they can see it all on video at their own convenience.”
Jeremy Wilcox. General Manager at The RUC

Find out more about Custom Content or get started by signing up for your free Typsy trial today. Provide your staff with the skills they need to grow, ensure your business thrives, and more with Typsy.

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