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New course: Service at the tableside with Kate Edwards

Posted by Emily Tatti on Apr 19, 2017 9:09:36 AM

Your service staff will come from a number of different professional backgrounds, which can make it tough to maintain a consistent level of service in your restaurant. That's why we've just released a table service 101 course, which can be used as a base for training your team!

This is a perfect resource for training new staff, and for lifting the standards of your existing staff. 

You might already be familiar with our instructor, Kate Edwards, who previously taught our restaurant management courses.

She is a hospitality consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and she currently teaches at two of the most respected hospitality schools in New York City (The Institute of Culinary Education and Journee). She has also written a bible on customer service called Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters, which is sold in bookstores around the US. 

In these new online videos, Kate will teach your staff the intricacies of high quality service, including how to properly serve a table, how to carry multiple plates, how to clear tables, and how to serve beverages professionally.   

She also covers fundamentals that will really benefit new staff. Her guide to restaurant lingo could be a lifesaver for younger workers!

As we all know, proper service etiquette is an artform, and Kate will show your servers how to deliver it masterfully. So browse the full list of videos available by clicking the link below.


Check out the full list of courses available by visiting Kate's instructor page. Sign up with your email address for the 10 day trial period, and you can watch anything in our library for free. 


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