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How to recharge your batteries

Posted by Joe McLean on Oct 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

As someone who works in the hospitality industry, long hours and being on-the-go are two things you know well. So, when it comes to getting ready for the following week, finding the right motivation is key.

When the weekend is over, the alarm goes off and it's the start of the new week there are two ways to spend your morning. You can either be dull and unhappy, lying in bed and snoozing your alarm every ten minutes; or you can be enthusiastic about a new opportunity to live your day to the fullest.

You have a choice - which are you going to pick?


Monday motivation

Whether your weekend is Saturday and Sunday or not, getting motivated for the new week can often be a chore. For many, when Monday comes around it means another cycle work where all the things that weren’t completed the week (or day) before pile on top of the new tasks. While for others, Monday means a fresh start, a new week of opportunities, realizations and unexpected surprises.

So, how do you turn your Monday upside down and wake up feeling stress-free and ready to nail another week? Here are some tips on how to get motivated:

Ask yourself ‘why’

First and foremost, you must identify the problem. Why do you hate Mondays that much? Here are some questions you might want to think about:

  • Am I fully satisfied with my job?
  • Do I have any frustrations that I might not be aware of?
  • Am I impatiently waiting to leave work each and every day?
  • Do I need time for myself - to rest, travel, cook, swim, run, enjoy life? If so, what do I have to do to get it?
  • Am I a robot, working 24/7?

Write down the answers to these questions, they’ll help you find the cause of your frustrations and anxieties. Treating only the effect won’t make any difference!

Prepare in advance

Even if you love your job(s), sometimes you may feel dreadful about certain, unpleasant tasks. Avoid the feeling by finishing all of your distressing tasks on your last working day before the new week. You’ll have time to relax over the weekend - so why not finish the dull routine on the last day of the week? It certainly feels better than starting your first day back on this note.

If you are talking to customers all day and are tired of constantly convering, take some time off from the chatter, sit, and take a break. Do not force yourself.

Think about the pros

Ask yourself, ‘what am I truly excited about?’. You took this job so it must be something you are inherently interested in. Therefore, there has to be a reason you are feeling unmotivated, so think about what’s missing. How? Remember your why - why did you start? Why are you here?

When you find it, focus on it, and find your motivation. If you do not find it under any circumstances, reconsider your position and start looking for other job opportunities - perhaps it is time for something new. Keep yourself happy and healthy by making the right decisions for you.

Recharge your batteries on weekends

If you party every night on your time off of course, you are going to get tired of it and not be motivated to get out of bed on Monday morning! Living a balanced lifestyle and taking time to recharge is a must-have ingredient on your motivation checklist.

You can recharge by:

  • Taking walks, practicing sports, eating healthily.
  • Getting enough sleep - tiredness can affect your appetite for both food and work!
  • Unplugging - shut down your phone, explore nature, go out for a picnic, watch a movie with friends or family, do whatever makes you happy!
  • Waking up early on your weekend to prepare for the new week – practice yoga, meditate, stretch, love, smile!

Track your progress – you’ll see that after a few weeks you’ll understand more of what you want, and your motivation for completing tasks will exponentially grow.

Keep a positive mindset

Thinking positively is another important aspect of the getting-out-of-the-bed-on-a-Monday-morning-process!

  • Be grateful for everything that you’ve received and ask the Universe (or whatever you believe in!) for even better outcomes.
  • Send your love to everyone you respect before beginning your day.
  • Close your eyes and listen to positive affirmations.
  • Focus on the good things that happened, not the negative ones.
  • Be strong enough to laugh at your mistakes - nobody is perfect!
  • Learn from your failures, don’t become upset and disappointed; keep your head up.
  • Be present! (meditating helps).
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

Map out a schedule

Design your ideal week by mapping out a schedule every Sunday night! Coming up with daily tasks and setting weekly goals will help you achieve success, increase productivity, and enhance your motivation. Here are some quick techniques:

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish this week.
  • Design activities that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Take time for yourself to relax and do nothing.
  • Find smaller targets that will build up to your final goal; achieve them every day! If you don’t, find a suitable punishment (for instance, ‘no more watching tv today because I did not complete my tasks’).


Finding motivation can be hard, but your first step is undering 'why' and finding the answer to your most important life questions! Prepare to conquer Mondays starting Fridays, think about the pros of your job (and think positively!), recharge your batteries on weekends, and map out a detailed schedule of every week. You got this!


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joe_mclean_bio_image Joe McLean, freelance writer at CraveWritings, a professional college homework helping service, shares his time between volunteering and working. He has been living in Germany for the last two years, helping out refugees. His passion for community work has led him to work with students worldwide.


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