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How to attract young travelers to your hotel

Posted by Chloe Papas on Jun 26, 2019 5:00:00 PM

We know that young people aged between 18 and 35 are traveling more than any other generation did before them. They are traveling further and wider than their parents or grandparents, with a focus on new experiences and authenticity. While they have money to spend, millennials aren’t always the easiest to market to.

Online courses to attract travelers

So, how can you make sure that your hotel stands out amongst the hundreds of other options in your area, all of which millennials can access with the touch of a button? We’ve put some tips together.

Get your socials in order


First thing’s first; it’s time to get your social media accounts in order. Maybe you already have a strong presence, or maybe you haven’t placed much importance on it yet. Well, it’s time to invest - because 1 in 4 millennials are using social media to find accommodation, and almost three-quarters of young holiday-goers check the Instagram or Facebook accounts of their hotel before traveling. Not only are social media platforms the perfect way to showcase your hotel and its excellent amenities, it’s also a great way to reel in young people. Hold a competition for a weekend stay in your hotel, invest in the services of an influencer or two to show off your incredible rooms or luxe pool, promote a unique experience that travelers can have in your city or town.

Cater to everyone

When we say cater, we, of course, mean food. Make sure that the food and drink offerings you have available are diverse, exciting, and incorporate local producers. Don’t forget about vegan and vegetarian options, and try to ensure that your chefs can make changes to the menu for those who have intolerances. Look into food trends and beverage trends and try to bring them on board where you can - for example, exciting craft beer lists, local wines, seasonal vegetables on the specials menu. And, one-up your competitors by offering free or cheap breakfasts for customers, 24/7 or late night room service, and a list of unique and delicious local restaurant recommendations in your hotel info pack.

Get tech-savvy

To make sure that younger travelers not only select your hotel but enjoy their stay and review well afterward, it’s important to ensure that your facilities are tech-friendly and digitally convenient. Start with the basics that most travelers will now expect: free wi-fi in every room, plenty of power points, and access to international plugs. Then, it’s time to level up. From ensuring that Netflix is available on televisions, to installing Bluetooth-accessible speakers in each room, the possibilities are endless. Investigate digital tech that allows customers to check-in, order room service, and contact hotel staff. Depending on the size of your hotel and your budget, think about building an app specifically for customers - it can include important information about your hotel, their stay, and most importantly, recommendations and discounts for attractions and restaurants in the local area.

Time to go green

More and more travelers are searching specifically for hotels that have strong environmental policies and are taking active steps to reduce waste. We only have to look to the climate strikes around the world to see that young people in particular are incredibly conscious of the planet’s fate - and in turn, what they put their money towards. Reusable towel and linen policies are a great start and adding recycling bin options to rooms. Invest in local, organic, and environmentally products for your rooms - including toiletries, linen, and any other little touches. And, to take it to the next level, offer customers reusable water bottles or keep cups as an added extra. If you would like more tips on going green, here’s a little something we prepared earlier. 

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