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How ongoing training can improve staff retention

Posted by Chloe Papas on May 8, 2018 10:23:47 AM

When you hire a new staff member for a role, there are a few initial steps that always happen. You conduct interviews with a number of potential candidates, whittle them down, and find your person. You get them in on their first day of work: they sign a contract, fill in a pay form, you show them around the venue.

Then, because they are already so experienced you encourage them to head straight out onto the floor. You know that your other staff members will help them out, and most people learn best while on the job - plus, it’s a busy night and you need all hands on deck.

However, there is a vital step that many managers and venue owners skip over to save time after hiring a new staff member, which in the long run cost them time, money and staff members.

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That step is ensuring that staff receive appropriate and comprehensive training for their role; whether it is undertaken by you, your senior staff members, or an external company. Research from Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2015 found that up to 23% of staff members leave within 12 months of beginning a role in Australia - not an ideal turnover rate!

So, how can employers ensure that staff feel valued and supported in their roles?

And what is the difference between staff who have to learn on the job, and staff who are given training along the way? Let’s delve deeper.

Your employees will feel valued

Perhaps first and foremost, your staff members will feel that they are valued. By investing in training, you are investing in your staff and showing that you value their skills and contributions to the role.

A study from SEEK Learning in 2016 found that less than half of Australians were happy in their current roles. By training employees, you will also empower them; staff members who may initially feel a little shaky about a new role or be concerned that they don’t understand all the responsibilities involved will have the chance to build their confidence, ask questions, and enhance their relationship with fellow employees and managers.

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The chance for further development and promotion

By providing comprehensive training to your staff - not just when they first begin their role, but along the way - you are showing them that they are valued and that there may be room for movement within the company. 

If staff see that you value them not just as employees, but as individuals with career goals, they are far more likely to stay on and apply for higher roles or take on more responsibility. 

This is also particularly useful for managers or owners who hire a lot of younger staff members, who may just be starting out and haven’t quite figured out what they want to do yet. This is your chance to show them what a career in hospitality can look like.

An overall morale boost among staff

Any good manager or owner strives for good morale among their staff - but sometimes, it can be tricky to achieve. The everyday challenges of running a venue can get in the way; dealing with incredibly busy days, putting customers at the forefront, working out issues among staff, and everything else that comes along with managing a venue.

Providing new staff with structured training and ensuring that current staff get all the training and support that they need or ask for is vital to keeping up morale.
Staff members will feel far more positive towards management and the venue when they feel supported in their own roles, which not only improves retention, it also ensures that your staff will be happy to come to work the next day and ready to help you tackle challenges.

Increased productivity

The more valued and empowered that your staff feel, the more learning and development support that you provide, and the better morale is amongst teams within the venue, it stands to reason that your productivity levels can only increase.

Staff will also require less supervision and hands-on management, leaving you and your management staff to tackle the big problems. Happy and supported staff leads to a venue that runs more smoothly, that can address challenges head-on, and that has a positive culture.

The hospitality industry can have high a turnover of staff for a myriad of reasons, so the more that you do to empower and encourage your staff members, the more likely they are to be loyal to your company or venue. It may be time to review your policies and plans around training new staff, and supporting your current staff to attend training - it’s far better for everyone in the long run!

How Typsy can help

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