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6 awesome apps hospitality managers need to know about

Posted by Tom Larkin on Apr 9, 2018 7:37:00 AM
Tom Larkin

Apps are revolutionizing the hospitality landscape. Apps now have so much functionality, allowing diners to order and pay at their table, while others let team members stay connected to satisfy a guest’s needs.

There are plenty out there that will make your working life easier. Here are six of the best apps for hospitality managers.

6 Awesome apps for hospitality managers


1. Flypay

Flypay is an app that allows customers to select their restaurant or bar location in the app, enter their table number and have their bill instantly retrieved.

The bill can then be paid either by one person or split (equally or choosing to pay for exactly what each person had). Payment is made via PayPal, Apple Pay or a credit/debit card and the receipt will be emailed.

And it’s not just paying at the table. Customers can also order their meals and drinks via the app. They don’t need to find a server, so your team can save time and work on other tasks.

Customer orders are then instantly relayed to the kitchen, meaning that chefs will receive and can prepare orders more quickly. Overall, bills are more accurate and efficiency is improved. 

2. FoodOps

A 2016 study found that 80% of restaurant operators rated analytics as important in order to achieve operational efficiency and high profits. But when the industry is so fast-paced, it can difficult to sit down and thoroughly analyze reports.

FoodOps allows managers to analyze data from individual branches or compare metrics across multiple stores all the way down to specific transactions. You can use this from event to event.

The app can help managers better oversee their venues by generating real-time financial reports, managing facilities, create task checklists and communicating with staff.

3. Bamboo HR

Platforms such as Bamboo HR may be bringing an end to the dreaded performance appraisal. A study found more than 60% of major companies are making use of mobile apps to change the way employee performance is assessed.

Bamboo HR lets you to track applicants more efficiently, improve the onboarding process of new employees, construct custom workflows and store employee records on a single database.

This all-in-one HR app (also available as software) can help hospitality managers run things in a more organized manner which will nurture a stronger company culture.

Less time can be spent tracking data and more time can be spent managing and improving staff performance, which will boost overall guest experience.

4. Mind Meister

MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that allows you to note down, develop and share ideas visually. Used by seven million people, this platform is ideal for helping hospitality managers brainstorm new ideas whether it’s planning a new menu or venue expansion.

As everything can be mapped visually through this app, collaboration among other team members can be seamless and efficient.

5. ALICE Suite

If you are involved in hosting events at hotels, it can be difficult to work alongside the resident’s side staff to keep track of room reservations and so on. Innovative operations platforms such as ALICE can help your hospitality team integrate with the hotel workers to provide the best guest experience.

ALICE allows every department in a hotel to stay connected on one platform for staff communication and guest requests. The platform can be used by staff to communicate requests and resolve incidents quickly, regardless of the department.

Concierge can stay organised via an easy-to-use task tracking tool and guests can message via app or text whenever and wherever they are, which increases engagement, efficiency and guest experience.

This helps hospitality managers because they no longer need to relay messages through various departments and team members just to communicate to the person you need. ALICE unites all of the hotel’s departments on a single platform so their operational efficiency is boosted and you can better cater to your guests needs, ensuring they leave with a positive impression of your company.

6. Typsy

One of the issues that hospitality managers face is finding time to train staff, and ensure that they are properly skilled to do their job. This is where Typsy steps in.

This app is a training platform for hospitality businesses that makes staff training easy. How? It specializes in providing online video training from the world’s best hospitality instructors, who teach essential hospitality skills in culinary, beverage, service, marketing, management and business.

Currently there are 350 short skills videos (and growing) available, which can easily be scheduled by hospitality managers on the go and watched and accessed by staff on mobile anytime. On completion staff can gain certificates and skill credits which helps strengthen their CVs and their prospective hospitality career paths.

Typsy online hospitality training and learning platform at typsy.com

There’s an app for everything. While it’s not necessary to rely on an app for every single aspect of your job, certain ones can help improve efficiency, ease workload and boost customer experience - which can lead to positive growth in the hospitality industry in the long run.


Learn more about how you can easily train your staff online with Typsy, get in touch now!



Tom Larkin is Marketing Controller with Shoes For Crews (Europe) Limited. Previously Tom held senior marketing roles on the client and agency side for companies in both London and Dublin. Shoes For Crews (Europe) are one of the world's leading manufacturers of slip resistant and safety footwear, and to date have kept over 100,000 workplaces safe worldwide.


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