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How to boost ticket sales for your NYE event

Posted by Chloe Papas on Dec 20, 2016 7:05:00 AM

We’re shuttling towards the end of the year at full speed, and New Year’s Eve is looming. For many people, that means it’s almost time to let their hair down and bring out the bubbly. But for hospitality venues, it can be one of the busiest times of year and – when done right – one of the most lucrative! 

But there’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to New Year’s Eve events, so you have to get a little crafty when it comes to ensuring your tickets get sold and people are talking about your party for months afterwards.   

The theory is that there are two big spikes in ticket sales for New Year’s Eve events: when your tickets first go on sale around early November, and the week of the big event.

We’re a little past that first big spike, but don’t worry; there’s still time! Many NYE partygoers don’t lock in tickets until the last minute, so turn your attention to those still struggling to make a decision, and get smart about boosting your ticket sales.


It’s All About Looks

We know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? Well, actually, big events like these are almost solely judged by their visual advertising: the poster or images you create to promote the event, the photos you have on social media from the year before, the posts you put on Instagram to push ticket sales.

Don’t just get your mate to whip up something to throw online; hook up with an advertising agency or freelancer to create stunning images and posters that will catch the eye. Invest in Facebook and Instagram advertising if possible, and think about getting traditional and plastering posters around the streets near your venue.


Get Different

We’ve already helped you out with some tips on throwing an irresistible NYE event, and by this stage you’ve probably started advertising and settled on a theme.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make announcements in the lead-up with additions to your event. A party with a point of difference is a huge pull for those who are still trying to decide on an event, so make yours stand out. 

Not really a venue that serves food? Hire some food trucks for the night, and make sure they’re available with late night snacks. Tease potential partygoers with whispers of giveaways on the night – free drinks, VIP cards. Set up a photobooth. Create a hashtag for your event. The opportunities are endless – so make sure you take advantage!


Roll Out the Red Carpet

New Year’s Eve is one of the few times of the year when punters are ready to go all out. They’ve saved up for the night, and they want to be pampered.

So make sure you’re repping a select amount of VIP tickets for those who want to treat themselves. If your venue has seating, offer up the best seats in the house with a complimentary bottle of wine. If it’s inevitable that there will be a line to get into your establishment, set up a VIP line (perhaps with a real red carpet!) so that your high-paying guests get an exclusive advantage. Standing room only inside? Give VIP guests a bar card and a roped off spot near the stage or the action. The better the deal, the more punters will scramble to invest in your VIP tickets.


Make Tickets Accessible

One of the biggest mistakes that venues make when trying to sell tickets to a big event is not making the purchasing process as easy as possible. If customers have to ring up, or – horror of horrors – drop by your venue to buy tickets, they’re much less likely to choose your event.

Ensure your customers can easily purchase tickets via your website, and even pop a button or link on your social accounts. When it comes to pricing, take a look at what similar venues are offering and stay in that realm: customers will spend more on NYE, but if they can find a similar event at a cheaper price, they’ll go elsewhere. 

As the date gets closer, offer specific deals: discounts for groups of 6 or more, buy two tickets and bring a friend for free. Add in little bonuses where you can: a group of 10 who all book together get a free drink on the night.



Get Specific

When a group of people settle on a venue for their New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s a big decision. They’re forking out a chunk of money, and will drop even more on drinks and food on the night, so it’s important to win them over with as much information as possible. 

Don’t just provide them with a promo image and a ticket purchase link; let them know what they can expect. Provide details on the dress code, what to bring (or not to bring!), open and closing times, a map, parking or public transport info, and even communicate your refund policy.

Include a contact email address or phone number for those who have questions, and ensure that your tone is as friendly and approachable as possible.   



If your ticket sales aren’t going quite as planned – don’t start stressing yet! There’s always time to turn it around, and don’t forget that one of the biggest buying times is right before the big day. Make sure you’re providing your potential partygoers with every little point of difference and bonus possible  and have a great night!


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