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How to hold an amazing New Year's Eve party at your venue

Posted by Chloe Papas on Dec 8, 2016 8:15:00 AM

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to deck your venue out and show it off. It’s a great opportunity to draw in new patrons and reward loyal customers, and of course – to throw a big party. 

But it’s easy to get into the habit of throwing the same old event each year. So why not shake things up a little this year and do something different?

We’ve put together a few tips for throwing a unique New Year’s Eve event – and getting the edge on your competitors.

Dress Code

Rather than asking your New Year’s Eve guests to adhere to a classic suit and tie dress code (unless you’re a high end restaurant, in that case – we understand!) or that same old masquerade theme, come up with a theme that will rival those of your competitors.

Why not try out a Reality TV theme, and see how many customers turn up as Kim Kardashian? 

Get casual and make it a pajama party; it is a late night affair, after all.

Or, if you’re searching for something a little more high class, go for a Great Gatsby theme like Buckley’s Sydney.


Turn The Music Up 


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Well, not so loud that it doesn’t adhere to noise restrictions! But the key to a great New Year’s Eve event is always the music. You can go the traditional route and find a local DJ or band to play at your event. Or you could just set up a really awesome playlist over the speakers (commercially licensed music streaming services like QSIC will even curate these playlists for you).

Think about a theme (90s pop? 80s hair bands?) and roll it into your dress code. Or shake things up a little and set your place up as a karaoke bar for the night; complete with rolling words on a screen, microphones up on a stage, and a whole lot of Bon Jovi.

Your customers might be a little shy at first, but we guarantee that by the time that clock hits midnight, they’ll be lining up to get to the microphone.


Planning a Hospitality Promotion?


Tone it Down  

Perhaps you run a venue that is a little more upper class, or doesn’t traditionally go the raucous party route.

Don’t try to be something else for the night: embrace it, and people will come! Put on a black tie degustation dinner themed around a certain cuisine, and throw in a cocktail or two with the cover charge. 

Or do something a little different and get a jazz or swing band to play at your event; serve guests southern food and set a rockabilly dress theme.

If you serve food, don’t stray too far from your current theme, and simply put on a big feast and some music to go with it. Turkish restaurant? Hire a belly dancer or two for the night! Italian joint? Make like Melbourne’s Terra Rossa and invite your guests to New Year’s Eve in Little Italy.


Host a Hangover Party  

Most hospitality venues shut their doors in the wee hours of January 1st and don’t reopen until a day or two later.

Instead of keeping a low profile on New Year’s Day, why not take advantage of the fact that most other venues will be closed, and punters who are nursing sore heads will be looking for somewhere to get a feast?

Throw a hangover brekkie or brunch party; bacon and eggs, Bloody Marys, soft celebratory tunes over the speakers. Or make like Melbourne’s The Emerson and keep the party going all day; change the theme, switch around the decorations, and serve your cocktails alongside Berocca.


Give Something Back


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The Christmas and New Year period can be an expensive time for everyone, and a tough time for those who are in need. So why not partner with a charity or incorporate a donation into your cover charge?

It’s no secret that hospitality venues are the moneymakers over the holiday period; so if you can afford it, embrace the power of good!

Socially conscious guests will appreciate the gesture, and it may even encourage those who aren’t looking for anything too opulent or upper class to buy a ticket to your event.


Props and Party Favors 


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People always love the chance to get moving and interact – and, of course, they love free stuff! 

If you’re holding a party, think about investing in some cheap props relevant to your theme: feather boas, silly glasses, tiaras, colorful wigs, fake mustaches. Hand them out at the door or have them scattered around the room; we can guarantee that punters will love it!

Make sure you have party poppers and streamers on hand for midnight as well.

Once it’s all over and your customers are about to file out the door, you might like to leave them with something to remember you by; a final drink, party favors like lollies or a $5 bar card for next time, even some stickers and a lollipop.

Again: it’ll help your customers remember the venue, and we promise they’ll love it.


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