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The new Typsy app is now in BETA testing!

Posted by Olivia Shainin on Aug 16, 2019 4:58:13 PM
Olivia Shainin

Typsy is proud to announce the Beta testing of our new native mobile App! We are excited to be delivering the best in mobile training straight to your device, anytime and anywhere. 


Our new App has been tested extensively, but we still need to hear from you! If you are a current Typsy member, you now have access to download our App from within your account’s dashboard. We would love to receive any comments or feedback you can provide us with. 

As you go through and use our new App, we need to hear from you about your experience. You can use the feedback option to tell us things like:

  • Does the system respond the way you thought it would when you click?

  • Were things where you expected them to be? Or did you have to hunt through the system?
We want your opinion - so please reach out with any thoughts you have for us!

Join the Typsy Beta

Mobile App test group

Typsy is launching a new mobile App and we’d like you to be part of the first group of people to gain access!

What is it?

  • An improved mobile experience that is centered around the profile of each Member

  • Typically much faster to access and browse content and any training that may have been assigned

  • Highlights the credits and certificates earned

  • Your profile shows an aggregated view of learning completed at any workspace

  • Improved reliability watching and recording lessons in locations with less stable internet connections

  • Allows easy sharing of the user profile - e.g. with potential employers

  • Easily switch between your workspaces (the various locations, which use Typsy, that you may work at)

  • Separation of personal achievements and those which are specific to your employer

  • For Managers, some basic functionality to view and manage your staff - such as departing a Member

What do you mean by Beta?

  • We have been hard at work delivering a new experience that has been tested extensively

  • The solution works well, however, we want to extend the testing to a wider audience - we have found that the more phones and networks we test on the better the chance of addressing all issues.

  • We want you to provide feedback on what works and what can be improved.

  • Even though it is beta all actions carried out using the App will be reflected in your profile.

What do I do if the App crashes?

  • Nothing - we get a notification about the problem and we will work on fixing it for the next release

How do I provide feedback?

  • We’d love to hear what you have to say - please send it using the ‘Help or feedback’ menu item.

  • Feedback could take the form of any of your thoughts, wishes, or opinions.

How do I install the App?

  1. Log into Typsy (or create an account)

  2. Click “Test our new mobile App” on your dashboard

  3. Follow the instructions for download

  4. Use the feedback tab to send us your thoughts!

Want to try our app but aren't a Typsy customer? Sign up today and get the first 10 day's FREE

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