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New course: Manual handling with Luke Croston

Posted by Emily Marr on Oct 11, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry knows that heavy lifting comes with the job. Whether it's a box of cleaning products, a box of fresh vegetables or a carton of milk, lifting heavy objects is a day-to-day task. But, with heavy objects comes the risk of injury - statistics show that 39% of workplace incidents stem from body stressing.

Working in a fast-paced workplace means that, sometimes, things can get overlooked. It can also mean that when help is needed, there might not be anybody available to ask. With the clock ticking and tasks needed to be done, this is when injuries can occur.


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Lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying are just some of the many tasks that are classed as 'manual handling'. Understanding what is involved in your tasks, the risks, and the possible ramifications if handled incorrectly can help you make your business a safer place.

Before completing your tasks there are a few things to keep in mind so you can avoid injury. If you're not sure what they are, don't worry, General Manager of Food Operations at Made Establishment, Luke Croston, will help you understand the essentials including identifying and assessing hazards, the correct lifting and carrying techniques and more.

Luke has worked for a variety of restaurants and hotels around the world including the ParkRoyal in Canberra and The Brassiere in Melbourne. In 2013 Luke teamed up with friend George Calombaris (of Masterchef Australia fame) to open Gazi restaurant and launch Press Club Projects including the re-opening of The Press Club, the expansion of Jimmy Grants and the opening of Hellenic Republic in Kew and Williamstown, Melbourne.

In this course, he will help you understand what manual handling tasks are, how to assess the risks involved and the possible impacts that can affect an individual if they are done incorrectly. With Luke's advice, you'll be able to complete your tasks risk and injury free. 

Manual handling blog

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Manual handling

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