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What to do on a new employee's first day

Posted by Ivana Rnjak on Nov 21, 2017 10:58:59 AM
Ivana Rnjak

Starting any new job is a daunting experience, but it can be particularly challenging in the hospitality industry. There isn't much room for error in a fast-paced and customer-focused work environment. 

A new employee’s first day in a hospitality venue is usually a trial by fire situation. They are expected to jump straight into the role – serving customers, making coffees, prepping ingredients, cooking meals, mixing cocktails...

As a manager, you should be well prepared for your new employee’s first day. That way you can minimize their anxiety about the new role, while ensuring everything in the venue runs as smoothly as always.

First impressions count so it’s vital to nail a new employee’s first day. A successful first shift will ensure that your new recruit is prepared for and excited about the role.

That’s why we’ve assembled these checklists to help you get organized for a new employee’s first day.

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So, you’ve hired a new team member...

To ensure you’re not overwhelming your new employee with too much information on the first day (and to make your job easier, too) there are a number of things you can get out of the way after you’ve made the job offer, but before their first shift.

Download the checklist and get a step ahead!

What to do on a new employee's first day - Resource 1: (Paperwork) 


On your new employee’s first day...

Schedule a new employee’s first shift during the quietest time in your venue. You definitely don’t want to attempt showing a new employee the ropes while you’re in the middle of a lunch rush.

Ensure you’ve freed up your schedule to help your new employee settle in. Alternatively, your new recruit can shadow one of your senior staffers for the day. Plan ahead! There will be a lot to get through on that first shift!

Download the checklists below.

What to do on a new employee's first day - Resource 2: (Venue) 

What to do on a new employee's first day - Resource 3: (Employee expectations) 


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