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Nick Bowditch on authenticity – Typsy Live talk

Posted by Emily Tatti on Mar 26, 2017 8:01:00 AM

When Nick Bowditch gets up to speak in front of a crowd, he doesn't put on a suit and tie. Though he has worked at two of the biggest social media corporations in the world, that wouldn’t represent who he is and what he stands for. If he did dress in corporate attire, we would immediately think that he was lying to us.

Instead, when he emerged on stage at our hospitality event last year, it was all about the flip flops. Because that is what drives innovation in your business’s communications – an authentic story, and the courage to share it with your audience.

We were thrilled when Nick shared these marketing insights with our audience, and now you can hear them too. Watch his live talk for hospitality professionals now.


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Who is Nick Bowditch?

Nick Bowditch is a social media and marketing thought leader. He is the only person in the Asia-Pacific region who has worked at Facebook and Twitter, and the only person in the world to have worked in marketing at both brands. He travels the world to speak about how small businesses can use authentic storytelling in their communications.

Understand the Value of Telling Your Story – A Quick Recap

In his Typsy Live talk, Nick focuses on how Australian small businesses approach innovation and storytelling.

As a community, he believes Australians tend to get caught up wanting to emulate who they admire, instead of being who they are. But, as he puts it, there is a lot to be said for paring things back and just being yourself – particularly when trying to convince customers to buy into your brand.

"People will never care about your brand or your business as much as you do. They will always remember how you made them feel."
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Nick emphasises the importance of telling your story. Being proud enough to stand up and declare what you do and why you do it. Because customers will never remember prices or features – they remember how the experience makes them feel, and how it benefits them personally.

Watch the full talk to discover how your business can become better at storytelling. And find out what secret weapon every hospitality business should have in its arsenal – it’s simpler than you might think.  

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