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Adam Ferrier on hospitality innovation – Typsy Live talk

Posted by Felicity Thomlinson on Mar 12, 2017 7:00:00 AM

In late 2016, Typsy hosted a major live event for hospitality professionals in Sydney. The goal of the evening was simple: motivate and inspire our audience with amazing examples of innovation in the industry. Our line-up of speakers didn’t disappoint, though they engaged with the topic in refreshingly different ways.  

Because we want our whole community to benefit from their insights, we will be releasing their talks in full right here on our blog over the coming weeks. 

To kick things off, we have a passionate and entertaining talk from Adam Ferrier, who is one of Australia’s best-known consumer psychologists. Adam explores why innovation is crucial for connecting with customers on a psychological level, and his suggestions are not to be missed.

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Who is Adam Ferrier? 

Adam is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of global media agency Cummins & Partners, and the founder of award-winning creative agency Naked Communications. He has written a book, The Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour, and he regularly appears on TV to comment on consumer behaviour.

Why It's so Easy to Innovate in Hospitality – A Quick Recap

In his Typsy Live talk, Adam focuses on the fact that pure innovation creates something out of nothing. It inspires, it gets people talking, and it gets people to take action. He believes this is an exciting time because hospitality presents more opportunity for innovation than any other industry.

In order to drive home these points, he shares some very amusing and engaging examples of hospitality innovations that are easy to replicate, including the Steal Banksy project, which was conducted at the Art Series Hotel (look for it around the 7 minute mark!).

"Pure innovation creates value out of absolutely nothing."  
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What was the Steal Banksy project? Instead of having guests come into the hotel in the usual fashion, head to their room, engage little with the hotel, and then leave, they were invited to steal a Banksy painting straight off the wall! This unusual concept created fun, engagement and a lot of chatter across many channels, and it was certainly a great memory for the guests and staff involved.

The idea was that guests could attempt to steal the painting, but if hotel staff caught them, they had to return it to the wall. If the guest was able to get past reception and out the front door, then the Banksy picture was theirs! I would love to see this in action at a hotel and can just imagine the atmosphere it created – not only amongst the hotel guests, but amongst the hotel staff as well.

So how can restaurant, cafe and hotel groups of all sizes become more innovative in their venues? Adam suggests that you don’t need to spend much – or anything at all, in fact  to be innovative. He encourages all hospitality professionals to keep doing what they’re doing, but to find better ways of creating value out of it.



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