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New course: Tea fundamentals with Nathan Wakeford

Posted by Emily Marr on Dec 12, 2018 4:54:56 PM

When you think of the most popular drinks consumed around the world, water coming in at number one probably doesn't surprise you. But what about tea coming in at number two? Yep, before coffee, wine and beer comes the humble cup of tea.

It could be because it comes in so many flavours, it could be because it's been consumed for centuries. There's no definite answer but, one thing we know for sure... taking advantage of this booming tea trend is a must for any hospitality business.

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Brewing up a pot of tea may seem like a simple task: boil water, put in some tea leaves and you're ready to go. But, when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea for your guests, there's a lot more effort involved. If you're a bit confused as to what else you could do, don't worry, co-owner and director of Somage Fine Foods, Nathan Wakeford, will help you understand the types of tea, what makes them different and how to brew the perfect cup every time.

Nathan's tea story began in 2012 when he founded the AustralAsian Specialty Tea Association. As Founder and then President-elect, he was able to unite tea industry members towards a greater understanding and appreciation of specialty tea. In 2015, Nathan then went on to found the World Tea Championship, a tea brewing competition aimed at identifying the world's best brewers and tea tasters.

In this course, he will help you understand what has made tea become the second most consumed drink in the world. With Nathan's advice, you'll be brewing up the perfect cup of tea in no time.

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Watch the course:
Tea fundamentals

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Compliment your tea expertise with our coffee courses including Espresso Coffee Fundamentals and Espresso Coffee Drinks, both led by coffee expert Hugh Kelly. Sign up today to start watching with our 10-day free trial.



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