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New course: Food allergies with Shandee Chernow

Posted by Emily Marr on Jan 16, 2019 2:21:23 PM

As anyone who owns a cafe, restaurant or bar knows, food is often your main source of profit. Whether it's a smashed avocado on toast for breakfast or a burger for lunch, your customers love the food you have on offer.

But for some, the food you have on the menu may be appealing but could include some hidden enemies. Research estimates that up to 26 million people in the United States may have food allergies and with more than 170 foods reported to cause allergic reactions, you may often find yourself stumped to please everyone.

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When creating your food menu, you probably don't have food allergies at the front of your mind. Instead, you are probably focusing on food trends and what other venues near you are succeeding with. But, food allergies are prevalent and some can be life threatening which means that customers expect your menu to be able to be tailored to their dietary needs.

Perhaps someone comes in allergic to eggs, this simple ingredient may be used in 90% of your menu so you and your staff need to be aware of what ingredients feature where and whether the dish can be tailored to meet dietary requirements. It's not an easy task, especially when your menu changes with seasonal fruit and vegetables. But, don't worry, founder and president of CertiStar™, Shandee Chernow, will help you understand important information about food allergies that will help you keep your customers safe.

Shandee has worked for a variety of companies including MicroStrategy, Hortonworks, and Tableau Software. But, at the age of 28 she found out she had a food allergy. Since then Shandee founded CertiStar™ to help revolutionize the culinary landscape and help restaurants cater to the needs of those who suffer from food allergies. 

In this course, she will help you learn important information about food allergies that will help you keep your customers safeWith Shandee's advice, you'll be serving up dishes to any customer without fear in no time.


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Watch the course:
Food allergies

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With the health and wellbeing of your customers and your own business and reputation to look after, food safety and hygiene must become the top priority in your kitchen. Get more information about food safety in our Food safety and hygiene course.



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