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New course: Champagne essentials with Kyla Kirkpatrick

Posted by Emily Marr on Sep 21, 2018 1:49:18 PM

You know about the city of lights, but if you head to the east you'll find a region that is steeped in history and full of grapes. The region? Champagne. It's made up of around 34,000 hectares of vines, bottles, corks, and bubbles. 

From this region comes the celebratory drink that always makes a pop: champagne. You've no doubt noticed that it's one of the pricier wines on the menu and that's because each bottle's contents are produced in a special and unique way which makes it an exclusive to France. Oui oui!

Preview Kyla Kirkpatrick's course now: 



Champagne has been used for celebrations since the beginning of its history. From Kings to monks to ladies of the night, champagne has bubbled into society and created such a buzz that you can read many a tale with champagne at the center.

But if you're feeling lost on where to start on your champagne endeavours don't worry. Owner of the consultancy and education business The Champagne Dame, Kyla Kirkpatrick, will help you understand how this bubbly drink is made, how to store it, how to (safely) open it and more.

Kyla is considered one of the top educators in Champagne, and, in 2017, launched her own hub for champagne in Australia, Emperor Champagne. Kyla conducts champagne events, tours and leads keynote speeches. She also works with some of the top champagne makers including Ruinart, Krug, and Bollinger.

In this course, she will help you delve into the bubbly world of champagne. If you are someone who works in a venue that serves champagne or just want to boost your knowledge, Kyla's advice will help you become a champagne expert in no time. 


Watch the course:
Champagne essentials

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