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How to get job ready after hospitality school

Posted by Chloe Papas on Feb 27, 2017 11:00:28 AM

You’ve finished up your degree or certificate, maybe you have some experience under your belt, and you’re ready to get out there and start working in the hospitality industry. So, where do you start? And how do you know what potential employers are searching for in a candidate? 

Luckily, careers in the hospitality industry are ever changing and always popping up; there’s no shortage of new venues opening across the country, and each bit of experience on your resume is a stepping stone to your next job.

Whether you are searching for a job in service, as a manager or supervisor, or something in between, there are a few tips that apply across the board when it comes to considering what hospitality employers are looking for.

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Check your application – twice 

Chances are, when you head out into the world after completing hospitality school, you will be applying for a bunch of different jobs at the same time. You're always going to have more of a chance at a callback if you send your resume out far and wide, instead of focusing on one or two venues.

Filling out applications and writing cover letters can get a little tedious, and that’s when it becomes easy to make mistakes. Some of the simplest mistakes can eliminate you from the running for a job from the get-go; mixing up the name of a venue or manager, forgetting to put your phone number on the resume, lots of spelling mistakes or errors. So, make sure you double check every single element of your application – and then check it again!


Don’t forget to investigate your socials

Think potential employers aren’t too worried about what you put on your Facebook profile? Think again! We live in a world where all it takes is a quick Google to transform you from the perfect candidate for the job to your resume being transferred to the ‘no’ pile.

Make sure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are set to private where possible, or not searchable if you have content on there that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Be careful with what you post on Twitter, and make sure that you don’t write anything negative about the venue itself – or boast about an interview or trial at a competitor venue!

 Make your availability and flexibility clear

When it comes to selecting candidates, most hospitality employers are searching for people who are flexible when it comes to the hours and days they can work.

Unlike many other industries, hospitality rarely sleeps. The more flexible you are when it comes to working shifts, weekends, nights and being able to fill in at the last minute, the more likely a potential employer is to take a shine to you.

Make sure you include your availability in your application, and consider telling managers about a lengthy holiday you have coming up or any specific requirements (if you can’t work nights for the time being, or have a class on Fridays) if you get to the interview stage. Being honest early on can only help you out in the long run!

Talk up your qualifications and experience

There’s no room to be humble in a job application; now is the time to talk up your qualifications, skills and any experience that you might have. Clearly list any relevant certifications, and make sure you include the contact details of previous hospitality employers.

If you don’t have any previous experience, don’t worry – in many circumstances it isn’t a requirement, and employers are often searching for a great attitude and work ethic over significant experience.

Make sure you keep your application as short and sweet as possible while confidently putting forward the reasons that you are perfect for the role – back yourself!


Do your research

When it comes to the interview or trial stage, employers want to know that you’ve done your research. For example, if you’re going for a bar job: do you know if the venue offers a full service bar, or just offers beer and wine? Do you know how to mix cocktails and talk up the wine list? If you are going for a general customer service role, do you know how the venue works? Is it table service or do customers order at the counter?

Do as much Googling as you can about the venue; check out their social pages and website to get a feel for their vibe, and make sure you are confident when talking about how you could fit into their team.

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