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27 restaurant experts you should follow on Twitter

Posted by Emily Tatti on May 17, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Emily Tatti

I'm a massive Twitter fan. It's not everyone's favorite social media network, but I love it because you can curate lists around topics you really care about. Then you just have to glance at your feed once or twice a day and you can quickly grasp what’s happening in an industry.

In the hospitality world, where everything moves at a manic pace, it's an incredibly convenient tool. But there are thousands of hospitality tweeters out there. Who are the best people to follow for amazing content?

We’ve put together a list featuring just some of our favorite Twitter accounts. Peruse to the category of your choice, and find our top suggestions.  


Perfect for: Back of house

Tasting Table – @TastingTable  

While Tasting Table’s recipes and news updates speak directly to the home cook, they also share cooking insights from famous chefs. If you work in the kitchen, these tips will definitely inspire you.

Food Fanatics – @FoodFanatics

As the name suggests, this Twitter account is all about an obsession with food. But it’s targeted specifically at people in the restaurant business, so there are plenty of tips for dealing with customers and creating popular menus.

Grub Street – @grubstreet

This is where New York Magazine tweets daily food news. Though a lot of these updates are about the best bars/hidden restaurants/bakeries in New York, it's a really great place to go if you want to see innovative new food ideas. There are also plenty of posts about weird food-related incidents in the news, which will make you laugh if nothing else.  

Perfect for: Front of house

Server_Life – @TipOrGoHome  

Need to commiserate with some fellow servers after a long shift? Not only is @TipOrGoHome hilarious, it’s hilariously true.

The Bitchy Waiter – @bitchywaiter

Another funny tweeter who has written a book about the trials and tribulations of being a waiter. Odds are you'll relate to a lot of this.

Server Thoughts – @waitresslife

Let’s be honest, we could write a whole separate list on funny server accounts worth following, but they really are great.

Perfect for: Marketers

Donald Burns – @donaldburns  

Restaurant consultant Donald Burns has a very active Twitter feed. He shares articles that he has contributed to Foodable and Toast, and retweets useful marketing articles from across the industry.

Ken Burgin – @KenBurgin

Ken Burgin of Profitable Hospitality shares advice related to marketing, management and staff training. His feed offers an excellent snapshot of the Australian hospitality industry as a whole.  

Barbara Castiglia – @bcastiglia44

Barbara is the Content Director for Modern Restaurant Management, an up and coming hospitality blog. She tweets incredibly useful articles about marketing and operating a restaurant.

Tim Hilton – @hiltonandco

This web strategist and consultant retweets useful content for restaurateurs about managing your customers, building a better culture and getting your marketing in order.

Perfect for: Owners and managers 

Foodable – @Foodable

Foodable cover so many different aspects of the restaurant industry it would be foolish not to follow them. They share links to the many articles contributed to their website every day.

Rock My Restaurant – @RockMyRestoTV

Rock My Restaurant is a web TV show available through Foodable. Like its parent, it’s full of tips to help restaurant operators and chefs build their restaurants from the ground up.

National Restaurant Association – @WeRRestaurants

Though the National Restaurant Association is an American organization, the advice it shares is amazing and can definitely be applied to restaurants located anywhere in the world.

Eric Cacciatore – @EricCacciatore

Eric Cacciatore is the host of the Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast, where successful hospitality professionals share their stories. This is the best place to learn about new episodes.

Allie Tetreault – @aktetreault  

Toast's content marketing specialist shares useful articles about restaurant marketing from her company, but also fascinating hospitality articles she finds around the web. 

Perfect for: Sommeliers

Vine Pair – @VinePair

Love wine? Want to learn everything you can about it? This one’s for you. Vine Pair dives deep into wine, busting myths and sharing innovations. It’s also just really funny. 

Madeline Puckette – @WineFolly

We’ve shared our Wine Folly appreciation here before, but it bears repeating. Madeline is absolutely obsessed with wine and she shares useful infographics, guides and illustrations that teach you everything there is to know about choosing wine, tasting wine and pairing wine.

Eric Asimov – @EricAsimov

If you're looking for wine tips, you might as well get them straight from the New York Times resident wine critic. Eric Asimov tweets about obscure wine labels from around the world.

Jancis Robinson – @JancisRobinson

This London wine critic writes a weekly wine column for the Financial Times. She will point you to fascinating wine stories that you probably wouldn't search for yourself.  

Perfect for: Bartenders

Imbibe Magazine – @imbibe  

Keep up-to-date with cocktail trends and learn what the best mixologists are creating. This is definitely where you should go if you need some fresh ideas for your drinks menu.

Derrick Schommer – @everydaydrinker

Derrick Schommer is the host of a YouTube channel called Common Man Cocktails, where he makes creative how-to videos five days a week. He cross-posts all of his videos onto Twitter, so follow for regular updates.   

TalesoftheCocktail – @totc

Tales of the Cocktail is one of the world's most well-known cocktail festivals based in New Orleans. The team use Twitter to share interviews with famous bartenders, advanced bartending tips and cool new drink trends.

Cocktail Enthusiast – @CocktailEnthus

Follow these guys for cocktail recipes, reviews and drinking news. Like TotC they also regularly catch up with world-class bartenders to get their views on the industry.

Perfect for: Baristas 

Fresh Cup Magazine – @FreshCupMag

This Portland-based magazine is a go-to guide for coffee and tea news. Follow this one for interesting updates about what other cafes, baristas and roasters are up to.

Daily Coffee News – @DailyCoffeeNews

Daily Coffee News is fantastic for news about what's happening in the coffee industry. It's powered by Roast Magazine (@RoastMagazine), which is dedicated to the technical side of coffee, and also well worth following.

Coffee Lovers – @coffeeloversmag

This digital magazine is a celebration of the craft behind coffee making. Learn about trends, brew methods, and other interesting and unusual facts about coffee.

James Hoffman – @jimseven

James Hoffman is a World Barista Champion, a coffee author, and the CEO of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. He shares his own (and others’) thoughtful articles about issues that concern coffee professionals, from the newsworthiness of latte art to the lack of diversity in the industry.


Who are your favorite hospitality tweeps?


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