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What’s new on Typsy: Wellness courses and hot marketing tips

Posted by Emily Tatti on Mar 31, 2017 10:09:05 AM

This week on Typsy, we launched a new course on wellness for hospitality workers. We're excited about this one because it's such an important issue  studies have proven that the rigours of the industry can have a negative impact on health, and this course will help both workers and their employers change their habits for the better.

We also released another (free!) Typsy Live talk – this time from Nick Bowditch, a social media marketing expert. Don't miss his helpful insights. 


New Course.pngLearn Wellness with Leandra Rouse

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We often neglect our own health when it’s our job to help others, and this is definitely true for a lot of people in the service industry. Our latest course is all about teaching you how to take better care of your body.

Leandra Rouse, who is a workplace wellness consultant, will show you some simple exercises for soothing common problem areas like your back, shoulders, arms and wrists. She will also take you through what you should eat before and during your shift to keep yourself energetic and alert. 

These lessons are strongly recommended for workers who experience aches and pains or struggle to wind down after a long shift.

View the full course list now


Guest Blogs.png Blog

Not only do our hospitality training videos support businesses, but they also support schools. We're constantly seeking feedback from universities and colleges so we can shape our courses to suit their students.

But online learning is still a fairly new concept in hospitality education, and there are a lot of questions about how it can be used in such a hands-on industry. We decided to explore how video can be used in hospitality teaching over on LinkedIn.     




 Live Talk

Nick Bowditch presenting at Typsy Live 2016.png

Nick Bowditch at Typsy Live 2016

When we decided to hold an inspirational live event about innovation last year, Nick Bowditch was an obvious addition to our line-up. As a social media expert and thought leader who has worked for both Facebook and Twitter, we knew he was going to have some fascinating insights to share with our hospitality audience. He didn’t disappoint.

This week, we released Nick’s full Typsy Live talk. His advice is all about being authentic in your marketing, and it’s likely to change how you see your marketing efforts. 

Check Out Nick's Live Talk 



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