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New course: Sake basics with Yoshihiro Sako

Posted by Emily Tatti on Jul 19, 2017 8:46:00 AM

Sake is becoming an increasingly popular drink around the world, which is why it would be a huge advantage to you as a hospitality professional to learn more about it!

This week, you can nail your sake knowledge by watching our sake basics course with Yoshihiro Sako. Yoshihiro is a Kikisake-shi certified sommelier and the Director of Sake at Yuzuki Japanese Eatery in San Francisco.

In this course, he explains the fundamentals of sake, including what it is and how it's served, the different sake classifications, and how to make food pairing suggestions.

He will also show you stunning rice fields in Japan where sake brewers source their main ingredient, and inside a sake brewery, so you can understand the brewing process from beginning to end.

This is a fantastic course for servers and bartenders who want to develop their knowledge about beverages and increase their versatility in the industry. It's also helpful for learning about how to comfortably order and purchase sake, whether in Japan or your home city.

Sake basics course with Yoshihiro Sako.png

Watch the course 
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