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Exclusive live talk – customer experience expert Amanda Stevens

Posted by Tanya Timmers on Aug 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM

If we had to name one thing we think is at the absolute core of hospitality, it would be customer experience. If you get customer experience right, your customers will love you, they will come back time and time again, and they will spread the word about you. 

We think customer experience is so important, in fact, that we chose it as the theme for our live event in Melbourne last year. We were lucky enough to get fantastic speakers for the event, and one of the speakers was one who lives and breathes the topic. 

Amanda Stevens has written three books on customer experience and has spoken about it at over 600 events. The crowd at our event loved her advice and sense of humor (and problems with the visuals only added to the hilarity!)

Amanda talked to our crowd about why customers need to feel "valued and listened to", and how the small things in customer service are often the big things. 

Watch her talk below now.

Pssst, our theme for this year's event in Sydney is Innovation and you can grab your discounted early bird tickets for a limited time right now! Learn more about it here


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