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9 cafes we're absolutely loving on Instagram

If you’re looking to amp up your cafe's Instagram presence, follow the venues on this list. They’ll inspire you to come up with your own beautiful content.

It’s crazy how far Instagram stardom can take a little-known cafe. With the help of a talented food photographer, you can get thousands of foodies suddenly talking about your menu. 

Take one of the cafes on this list. The owner has stopped posting on weekends because it draws in too many people! That’s definitely not a bad problem to have.

If you’re looking to amp up your Instagram presence, we suggest following the cafes on this list. They'll inspire you to come up with your own beautiful content.

9. Ob-La-Di Café – @obladicafe 


A photo posted by Ob-La-Di Café (@obladicafe) on

Ob-La-Di is a Parisian cafe with a trendy, edgy aesthetic (it's very French, in other words). The team share retro-style photos that look like they were taken on a Polaroid, which makes me want to print them out and stick them above my desk. Check them out for brunchy goodness and jealousy-inducing photos of Paris landmarks. 


8. Temple Coffee Roasters – @templecoffeeroasters

These Californian coffee roasters have a lot of fun showing off their coffee products. Their sense of humor shines through in photos of flying customers and ‘over-caffeinated’ kids.


7. Two Hands – @twohandsnyc 


A photo posted by Two Hands (@twohandsnyc) on

Visit these guys on Instagram and you'll slip right into a New York state of mind. Their staples are artfully placed acai bowls and lattes, but they also share photos of the trendy crew behind the scenes, and the city that they call home.


6. Mister and Miss – @_misterandmiss_ 

This up and coming cafe is my local, so I might be a bit biased here, but I have to say their stunning food photography was what first convinced me to visit. Those close-ups are so aesthetically pleasing The Urban List thinks it could be “Eastern Melbourne’s Most Instagrammable Café.” You decide!

5. La Colombe Coffee Roasters – @lacolombecoffee 

La Colombe Coffee Roasters believe "America deserves better coffee." And their Instagram account fully echoes this philosophy. Their photos are bold and thrilling. They don't just showcase images of their coffee; they take you on a grand adventure.

4. Verve Coffee – @vervecoffee


A photo posted by Verve Coffee Roasters (@vervecoffee) on

Verve’s eclectic Instagram feed has the look of a photo travelogue. It features shots of the farmland where their coffee is harvested, shots of the roastery where they get down to work, and shots of the scenery around their cafes in Santa Cruz, LA and Tokyo. It takes you on a journey, which is very evocative.

3. Combi – @wearecombi

The owners of this little beachside cafe in Elwood were inspired by their travels through Bali, Hawaii and New York. They've captured that sensibility amazingly well through their Instagram feed, which has a bright, cheerful, beachy vibe. It definitely speaks to fans of healthy, organic food.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – @stumptowncoffee 

Stumptown Coffee in Portland is one of the coffee industry's most respected roasters. Their Instagram perfectly captures the ultra-grounded personality of their brand – and of course, their massive passion for coffee culture. 

1. The Grounds of Alexandria –


A photo posted by The Grounds (@thegrounds) on

The Grounds of Alexandria is a coffee roastery, café and garden in Sydney's inner west. Their Instagram feed will make you desperate to visit what appears to be a floral summer paradise. They work with stylists to perfect their food photography, but their venue is also so beautiful that customers flock to take their own Instagram snaps. We think you’ll agree they’ve earned the top spot on this list.


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