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Our top course picks for July

Posted by Emily Tatti on Jul 5, 2016 10:32:21 AM

This month we’re releasing some very exciting courses, including a series of coffee tutorials with Sasa Sestic, the World Barista Champion (if you’re going to learn coffee from anyone, it might as well be the world's best!).

To save you time combing through our catalogue, take a look at our highlights.

Food and beverage



How to clean an espresso machine with Sasa Sestic

If you're a bit hesitant when it comes to cleaning your café’s espresso machine, then this course is great for taking you through all of the steps. Sasa Sestic explains the whole process in a very simple manner, while also explaining exactly why it's so important to complete each step. It’s an essential part of any barista’s coffee education.



Words servers should use and avoid with David Hayden

David Hayden really understands the psychology behind customer service. In this course, he explores the words that guests dislike hearing and the words that subconsciously grab their attention. I recommend this one for servers who want to improve their upselling techniques, and managers who need help training their service staff.



What a systems-driven business looks like with Eden Sunshine

This course isn't about creating policies or procedures for the sake of it, but implementing systems that actually fix problems you’re facing in your business. Eden Sunshine wrote the book (literally) on building business systems, and his advice will help you understand what aspects of your restaurant or hotel need to change.



How to run effective meetings with Eric Papp

Let’s be honest - nobody really likes meetings, do they? But in hospitality, they're so important for making sure everyone’s on the same page. This one's perfect for owners who want to hold more meetings without wasting time. Eric Papp will teach you how to run a focused meeting where you can have honest conversations with your employees.



How to respond to negative online reviews with Joshua Swanson

Online reviews aren’t always nice, unfortunately, and reading them can be upsetting, but you can turn the situation around depending on how you respond. Joshua Swanson talks you through exactly how to answer, and how not to answer. If you run your company’s TripAdvisor or Facebook accounts, then this is essential viewing.

Mentor session


Getting the most out of your team with Matt Lane 

Our mentor sessions are a bit different to our other courses. Instead of asking an instructor to teach us about a topic, we go out to a successful venue and ask the team to share their business secrets.

This month, we interviewed Matt Lane, the co-owner of Melbourne's incredibly popular Mamasita restaurant (lines are known to stretch out onto the street). He talks about making your young team driven and enthusiastic about their work. 


You can watch all of these courses for free by signing up on www.typsy.com.


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