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Our 10 favorite cafe promotions of 2016

We had a look at the clever and unique ways cafes around the world have been running promotions this year. These are our 10 favorites.

Running a promotion for your hospitality business is a great way to bring in revenue during quieter periods, make the most of key dates in the calendar, and turn local customers into regulars!

There are so many creative and effective promotions you can organize if you plan ahead and take into consideration what works best for your business and your clientele. Good promotions don’t have to be extravagant. They can be small gestures to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Or they can take lots of preparations and a bit of risk. Either way, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to planning promotions for your business.

Have a look below at some of the clever and unique promotions cafes around the world have been running this year.   

Planning a Hospitality Promotion?


This zine was put together by Bakeri in Brooklyn, NYC.

It was filled with writing, recipes and drawings by their staff! Not only is it unique and appealing, but it's something that customers can keep coming back to! 



Lot 61 Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands sells these sturdy enamel mugs.

These mugs won't break any time soon so customers are sure to hold onto them for a long time! They make excellent gifts and a great add-on when buying coffee beans to take home. 



This brilliant coffee traveler that allows you to take 12 cups of coffee on the road was created by Phil & Sebastian Coffee in Calgary, Canada. 

No more fumbly trays of takeaway cups! This innovative design is sure to be a hit among businesses, for picnics and road trips! 



The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong celebrated Earth Hour by offering a discount on hand-crafted coffees. No electricity, no worries!

This is a clever way to promote pour over coffee and get behind a good cause at the same time! 



Nylon Coffee in Singapore are passionate about knowing coffee, from seed to cup. So they gave their customers the chance to watch the process unfold by adopting a coffee plant! 

A brilliant way to educate customers about the process involved in making their morning drop, but also a clever and fun way to get customers involved with the business. Customers can come back to report on how the plants are doing, and taste coffees made of the same berries they're growing at home! 




These hilarious badges by A Baked Joint in Washington, DC are an excellent, low-cost way to spread the word about their business.

Everyone loves badges! These could easily be sold or given away and once added to a bag or a jacket will spread word about the brand in far-flung places! Plus, who doesn't love a good pun! 



Da Matteo Speciality Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden had these postcards available for customers to take home.

Aesthetically pleasing and informative! The back of the postcard featured information about different brewing methods. A great way to get customers interested in trying something different from their usual choice. 




These beautiful cupcakes were made specially for Mother’s Day by Thinking Cup in Boston, MA.

A simple but very effective gesture for a special day. Themed cakes are always a good option. Who can resist! 



Blue Bottle Coffee (located in Oakland, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo) offered these adorable coffee-themed coloring pages with each kid’s drink sold.

A great way to show your business is child-friendly and a sweet gesture for parents – it will keep the little ones entertained! Additionally, a clever way to sell the kids' menu! 



Heritage Bicycles is a bike and coffee shop in Chicago, IL. They perfectly combined their specialities in this cold brew trike, making its way through the city bringing cold brew to you!

This brilliant idea allows the business to reach customers all around the city who might never have known about the shop! Plus, it's super handy – who doesn't want coffee to come to them! 



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