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7 awesome hospitality marketing campaigns of 2016

Posted by Jos Shimoga on Dec 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM

As the year draws to a close, we looked back at some hospitality businesses around the world that delivered unique and exciting marketing campaigns in 2016.

Use them for inspiration with your own business as you move into the New Year. And don't forget to let us know if there are any that we've missed!

Pizza Delivering Reindeer

What do people want when it’s snowing outside? A pizza, of course! Domino's have gone all the way and employed specially trained reindeer to deliver pizza in such cold conditions.

It may have been a stunt, but it manged to capture the attention of pizza lovers all around the world. If Santa can trust these creatures to take him around the world, surely Domino's Japan can trust them to deliver pizza.


Push Button For Free Beer

On the topic of deliveries, a Czech beer company called Kozel released a limited edition device called the Tap Out Button that brings you a nice cold beer. Well not exactly, but it orders a taxi to take you to the closest pub that serves Kozel, and they even throw in two cold ones.

Going to your local pub or bar may not be all that exciting, but being driven there and receiving beers for free is where the excitement lies.


A photo posted by Kim Soo Jin (@suekim_casahola) on


Juliette finds Romeo in McDonald's?

Let me explain. McDonald's has very creatively embraced the holiday spirit with the campaign Juliette the Doll, effectively encompassing the brand’s key messaging – family and love.

The minute-and-a-half advertisement tugs at the heartstrings and connects the unlikely duo of Christmas and fast food.



What’s Better Than Food? Free Food!

Royal Stacks are making it possible to earn free food through their new app. The brand has combined the two things people love the most – mobile games and free food. Genius!

Mobile campaigns are effective because they make participation so much easier. When you create a perception that there is low effort required but the return is great, you’ve got yourself a winner.



Forget Netflix & Chill, it’s Ben & Jerry’s and Open Air Cinema

You could just go to your local cinema, but the weather in the southern hemisphere is perfect for eating ice cream and watching a movie under the stars.

Ben & Jerry’s have hit the nail on the head in terms of brand exposure by partnering with Open Air Cinema. There’s free ice cream, music and a great vibe, making it the perfect summer evening activity season after season.



Emojis For Days

Accor Hotels launched their #EmojiSearch Twitter campaign this year and it was a hit. Basically you tweet Accor hotels a combination of emojis that represent your ideal holiday and they will send you customized hotel suggestions!

This one-on-one customer and brand interaction is invaluable in building loyalty and recognition. 



Chocolate Delivering Bunnies 

Hotel Chocolate had a bunny delivering chocolate around the UK and Copenhagen this Easter – because why not. The company had a social media campaign and a hashtag – #TheBeauBunny – to spread the word.

There were prizes to be won, chocolate to be consumed and photos for Instragram to be taken. Fun times all round!




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