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How to hire restaurant superstars: winning the war with talent

Posted by Donald Burns on Apr 10, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Look at any jobs board and you can’t miss the fact that there are more restaurant jobs available than there are staff to fill those openings. Why is it that some restaurants struggle to fill positions while others never seem to let a vacant position affect them?

To understand that, we need to dig down to the real reason staffing is becoming more challenging every year. It’s all mindset. We have created this “War for Talent” when the reality is that we have a “War with Talent”. By not adapting our management style for new generations, we have built a wall that prevents people from seeing the restaurant industry as a viable employment option.

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Why is there a hospitality skills shortage?

Posted by Michael McKay on Apr 3, 2017 8:45:00 AM

There is no denying there is a global skills shortage in hospitality. According to the Foodservice Consultants Society International, the skills shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry. In their Taste of Society 2020 Report, they predicted that the industry would continue to see a skills shortage over the next few years.

And it’s not just foodservice operators feeling the pinch of an under-skilled labour force. Hotels are also struggling to match staff skill levels with customer demands.

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How to start a wellness program in your hospitality venue

Posted by Chloe Papas on Mar 21, 2017 8:35:00 AM

Hospitality is a thriving industry, where workers have the opportunity to cut their teeth in a number of areas. But it’s also an industry that can quickly take a toll on the physical and mental health of its employees. Long days, shift work, being on your feet all the time, and a need to be on the ball at all times can contribute to poor health.

There are many different benefits to a wellness program in the workplace. For one thing, it leads to happier, healthier staff. For another, it can help you build a stellar reputation in the industry.

So how can you implement wellness strategies to ensure your staff are in tiptop shape? Here are some staff wellbeing ideas to consider when putting together your new wellness program.

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The river of culture: how great restaurants control the flow

Posted by Donald Burns on Mar 13, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Culture. It’s a word we throw around in the restaurant industry quite often. Maybe a little too often. It's one of those popular buzzwords we tend to use to sound cool, but many of us don’t know what it actually means.

Let’s take a journey down the river of culture to better understand where culture starts, how it grows, what blocks it, and how you can keep the flow going. Culture is truly like a river in the sense that its final destination is the guest. You always want to begin with the end in mind.

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How to measure return on investment in hospitality training

Posted by Ilona Wallace on Mar 7, 2017 11:57:09 AM

Before you pack up shop and ship all your workers off to a training session, it’s worth sitting down and looking at what your business will get back from certain types of training.

Not all lessons can be valued in dollars and cents, of course, but if you’re planning a new training regime for your staff, the first thing to do is to make sure the benefits outweigh the costs.

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