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Perfect Christmas gifts for hospitality workers

Posted by Chloe Papas on Dec 7, 2017 8:13:00 AM

On the lookout for a perfect gift for a friend, relative or colleague who works in hospitality? Maybe your best friend works in a bar, or you’re getting a Kris Kringle present for someone from work. Perhaps your sibling manages a cafe, or you want to find the ideal pressie for your manager.

Christmas is coming up fast, and you will want to make sure that you tick all your presents off the list before the shops get too crazy. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas presents for hospitality professionals!

Perfect Christmas gifts for hospitality workers.png

A new cookbook

If your friend or colleague is handy in the kitchen - or trying to be! - a glossy new cookbook is the ideal gift. The queen of the kitchen, Nigella Lawson, recently released a new recipe book along with Australia’s Poh Ling Yeow, whose new book is full of baking recipes. For a book that will look great on the coffee table as it will on the kitchen shelf, try Kate Young’s The Little Library Cookbook - with recipes taken from classic fiction stories. For the vegan in your life, try the Smith and Daughters cookbook. If your friend loves something quirky like pickles, go for the new Cornersmith cookbook.

A spa voucher

Okay, it may seem like we’ve gone a little off theme here, but just think: what do hospitality workers need more than almost anything else? A little bit of relaxation time!

A voucher for a spa day, massage, or a manicure can be the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is on their feet all day. If your giftee isn’t the spa day type, a voucher 
to a nice restaurant could be the way to go; or even the offer to cook them dinner, while sharing a good bottle of wine is a nice touch during the holiday season.

Screen time

This one is perfect for people who like to wind down with a little bit of screen time, especially after a long shift. Food and cooking is at the top of the agenda for documentary and series creators right now, and there’s no shortage of fantastic DVDs to pick up for hospitality professionals.

Whether it’s an Australian series like
Luke Nguyen’s Street FoodAdam Liaw’s Destination series, or a more worldwide food series featuring Ottolenghi or Gerard Depardieu, there’s something for those who just want to sit and enjoy the show, and those who want to get tips and techniques. If your Kris Kringle doesn't own a DVD player, there’s an easy fix; pick them up an iTunes voucher, or a movie voucher and make some recommendations.

An experience

If your hospitality friend is big on adventures, an experience will be the perfect gift for them. Whether it’s something extravagant like a skydiving voucher, a jetski ride, a local cooking class, or dinner on the waterfront, experience gifts are always appreciated. Tailor it to their interests, and if the voucher is looking too pricey, think about combining gifts with a colleague or friend.

Good old gift basket

Chances are, your hospitality buddy is a fan of food or wine. You have a few options when it comes to gift baskets. There’s the classic baskets that you can order online or pick up from your local supermarket that are stacked with snacks, chocolates and nuts. There are also specialty baskets online that are themed; whether it’s fine wine, fresh produce, or even craft supplies.

If none of those suit, it’s time to get creative. Fill a basket to the brim with baked goods made in your own kitchen, pop their favourite wine in a basket alongside some gourmet snacks, or collect pastries from their favourite breakfast place and deliver it on a morning close to Christmas.

A Typsy subscription

We have saved the best 'till last! Typsy subscriptions are the perfect gift for any hospitality professional. Our online courses don’t just teach hospitality workers the ins and outs of the industry, they’re also fun and accessible. We have subscriptions available for individuals, businesses and academics.

Subscribers can do short courses and workshops, learn new skills and hone old skills, to become empowered to take their hospitality careers into their own hands. What’s more is that Typsy courses are taught by hospitality experts; we’re talking barista champions, beer pros, top restaurant owners and world class bartenders, so you're in safe hands.

You can
find out more about our subscriptions here.


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